My Country Music Picks (16th November 2020)

I typically aimed to publish my Country Music Picks every six to eight weeks roughly – but after my last edition in mid-June 2020, I absolutely missed to bring a new episode. Giving you a view of the last five months may be a bit too long now – but I present you a mix of songs, which I had on my list in June and July and – majorly – some recent tracks.


Lindsay Ell – make you

Lindsay Ell’s song about her being raped twice in her life is one of the most impressive country songs of the year to me. I just cannot remove make you since I added it to my Country Hits Playlists in July 2020. Hot candidate for the song of the year 2020 to me.


Van de Forst feat. Tommy Reeve – We’ve Got Tonightflyc

German Van de Forst’s album Unconditional was one of my most-awaited releases this year. She delivered pretty well. While I love the country-pop Hey Cowboy, which in my playlists since September 2020, the cover of the classic We’ve Got Tonight was her single at release, which came with a beautiful video.


Lauren Jenkins – Ain’t That Hard

Damn, is it really that long ago? One of the entries which most tell me how long it took me to do a new edition of the Country Music Picks is the music video to Ain’t That Hard by the wonderful Lauren Jenkins. I just don’t dare to look up when she in fact released it… Would feel too guilty. Miss this wonderful heart so much.


Troy Kemp – Soundtrack

Troy Kemp’s Soundtrack was a recent release. The song is a great track for country music lovers, as it quotes a bunch of country music classics. Can you spot them all? If you are not that skilled in the genre, just enjoy the song – it’s a beauty!


Thomas Rhett – What’s Your Country Song

Other artist, similar idea – Thomas Rhett is indeed a bigger name in country music. What’s Your Country Song has been released last week. Enjoy all the references to country songs in this one as well – might be a bit more tricky in here, I feel.


Kenny Foster & Mae Estes – Love You Now

Another release as of previous week. The week was just so packed with songs that I could not even add the wonderful Kenny Foster to the playlist this time. Great duet with Mae Estes – Vintage style. Travel with the amazing Kenns to the 1990’s.


Mira Goto – Tequila Told Me To

I did not know Mira Goto and her music before I ran into her EP Nobody Warned Me. This track, Tequila Told Me To, is just catching. Makes me smile whenever I listen to it.


Carolyn Miller – All In

Another wonderful soul I feel happy to be in friendly contact with: Carolyn Miller is just an amazing artist – and I loved to chat with her recently in our June 2020 Spotlight interviewAll In is her latest single – she just hit the 100k streams. Well deserved!


Kaylee Rose – Love Makes You Blind

Another previous week’s release: I just enjoy to listen to the recent tracks of Kaylee Rose. Love Makes You Blind is indeed another beautiful one. Hope you enjoy it, too.


Twinnie – Daddy Issues (Acoustic)

Hard to believe that I indeed met Twinnie the last time at the C2C 2020 in Berlin. After releasing her debut album Hollywood Gypsy in April 2020, she recently released an acoustic version of it. Daddy Issues has been one of my favorite tracks – and this acoustic version is a beauty, indeed.


DanaMaria – Girl With The Guitar

DanaMaria is an amazing artist from Frankfurt, Germany – but Dana also has some deeper connections to Austin, Texas. Right before she released her debut album Desert Diamond, I enjoyed to chat with her in my Spotlight interviews. This is her latest single, Girl With The Guitar.


Title picture: Lindsay Ell – make you music video screenshot


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