Nestor – Teenage Rebel

Nestor - Teenage Rebel



4.3/5 Pros

  • Lovely nostalgic rock / hard rock style
  • Good stories
  • Very fluent listen

After their first steps did not really work out, the hard rock band Nestor boosted their career in very recent years. Teenage Rebel is already the sophomore album of the band. It has been released on 31st May 2024. Here is my review.


Nestor – About The Artists

The roots of Nestor are already back in 1989. However, the Swedish band did not have any releases and broke up before they reformed in 2021. They are originally from Falköping. After two single releases, they released their debut album Kids in a ghos town in 2022. The album had several successful songs in Sweden as well. The band members are Tobias Gustavsson (vocals), Jonny Wemmenstedt (guitar), Marcus Ablad (bass), Martin Frejinger (keys) and Mattias Carlsson (drums).


Nestor – Teenage Rebel – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. The Law Of Jante (feat. Freya Miller)

The first track is a narrative intro one, featuring Danish actor and speaker Freya Miller. You’re nothing special and similar messages are sent on top of an keyboard melody, which leads right into the first full track, We Come Alive.

2. We Come Alive

As said, the keyboard theme from first track directly leads into We Come Alive. The sound of Nestor reminds of 1980’s hard rock. The song is very melodic and Tobias Gustavsson does a very nice and present job on the microphone. Cool listen.

3. Teenage Rebel

The third track on the album is the title track Teenage Rebel. Again, Jonny Wemmenstedt on the guitar and keyboarder Martin Frejinger nicely drive the melody of this one on the melodic side. Especially the chorus stays in your mind. A nice song with a nice drive and powerful riffs.

4. Last To Know

The 1980’s feeling is even stronger with Last To Know. This could have easily been a Europe or Whitesnake song a few decades ago. If you like that era, the fourth track of the album will make you feel familiar from its very beginning.

You and I
Let’s make believe tonight
Just like it was the very first time
And make all the wrongs turn right
Cause every time I look at you
My life plays back like a movie scene
How I miss those days when we were seventeen
Oh yeah
If you wanna let it go
Don’t let me be the last to know

5. Victorious

Out of the three songs of Teenage Rebel released so far, Victorious has been the most popular one. The song is a very hymnic and present one. Especially coming right after Last To Know on the album though, there are also some similarities. The chorus has a stronger ease, though.

6. Caroline

The next song Caroline is another single releas. The Swedish hard rockers show the softer and more emotional side. Not a power ballad, but a really nice song with a lovely melody.

We’re standing at the edge of time
And I don’t wanna lose you now
Tell me we’ll be alright
Cause when I look into your eyes
The one that I see is a stranger starring back at me
Don’t cross the line
Can we try?

7. The One That Got Away

The emotions get stronger and stronger. This time, the keyboard is the key instrument and Nestor shows their way of doing the inevitable rock ballad on the album. They do well in this discipline as well.

8. Addicted To Your Love

It’s time to rock again! Nestor is signaling this with some hard riffs right at the beginning of Addicted To Your Love. However, the song itself is not as hard as the first seconds may suggest. There are also some nice keyboard lines. Especially during the verses, the influence of the guitar sounds is limited. The song is a nice one, but not as present as other songs on Teenage Rebel.

9. 21

A less than three minute song on a hard rock album? Maybe 21 is that short, as Nestor has increased the speed a bit. The song feels somehow familar and is very straight, but definitely no cover or similar. I enjoy listening to it.

10. Unchain My Heart

First of all: no, this is no Joe Cocker cover. The song nicely works the band doing backing vocals in a duet-alike style with Gustavsson. Again, the band presents a very relatable listen

11. Daughter

Still I believe
That some things remain
Like father and daughters
Same blood in our veins
And whatever lasts
I’ll promise you this, I’ll stand by you
More women, less a girl
My daughter

The album closes with a promise of a father to his Daughter. Even though the setting is suggesting it a bit, the song is not too corny. Instead, this finale is another beautiful allad.


Nestor – Teenage Rebel – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Nestor – Teenage Rebel – My View

If you like 1980’s classic rock, you must have a listen to Teenage Rebel. The Swedish band is simply presenting a beautiful collection of songs with that special, nostalgic touch. I really like what Nestor did at Teenage Rebel.

Favorite Song: Last To Know


Nestor – The Teenage Rebel Tour

In August, the band is having their own festival, the Nestor Fest in Falköping. They will also play a couple of other festivals in summer. In October and November 2024, they tour a couple of European countries:

Sa 26.10.2024 Hamburg (Germany) – Bahnhof Pauli
Su 27.10.2024 Bochum – Matrix
Tu 29.10.2024 Osnabrück – Kleine Freiheit
We 30.10.2024 Cologne – Club Volta
Th 31.10.2024 Frankfurt – Das Bett
Sa 02.11.2024 Winterthur (Switzerland) – Gaswerk
Su 03.11.2024 Memmingen (Germany) – Kaminwerk
Mo 04.11.2024 Munich – Backstage
We 06.11.2024 Vienna (Austria) – Viper Room
Th 07.11.2024 Nuremberg (Germany) – Hirsch
Fr 08.11.2024 Leipzig – Mortzbastei
Su 10.11.2024 Berlin – Hole 44


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