Lennon Stella – Three, Two, One.

Lennon Stella - Three, Two, One.



3.2/5 Pros

  • What a voice
  • Good production
  • Duet with her sister Cons

  • Sometimes, the arrangement feels too much, too electronic to me
  • Some songs repetitive

Even though Lennon Stella is quite a well-known person in the music and entertainment industry, it is quite surprising that she is releasing her debut album just now, in 2020.Three, Two, One. has been published on 24th April 2020. Here is my view.


Lennon Stella – About The Artist

Lennon Ray Louise Stella was born on 13th August 1999 in Oshawa near Toronto, Ontario. Her first steps in the music industry have been more on the country music side, when the Canadian played Maddie Conrad in the Nashville TV series. Her first major publication on music side was the 2018 EP Love, Me, which made it up to the 60th spot in the Canadian Canadian charts. One spin-off single, La Di Da, made it up to the 49th spot.  From 2019, songs which are appearing on Three, Two, One, have been published – so far, the only song which made it to the charts was Kissing Other People (#60, Canada). Stella’s biggest chart success, however, was the single Polariod, for which she partnered with Jonas Blue and Liam Payne. The song hit multiple charts, the best ranking was the third one in Scotland.


Lennon Stella – Three, Two, One. – Track by Track

The 13 songs album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Much Too Much

Much Too Much is definitely a nice intro song of this debut album. You already get her major asset from the very beginning: Lennon Stella’s voice is simply amazing. This innocent, soft, but warm sound of the vocals with some rhythm and a bit of backing sounds feels already like quite a good radio pop track.

2. Kissing Other People

Kissing Other People is a combination of Stella at higher tunes with additional voices which partially even feel like a little choir. Though this track was one of the pre-releases and got quite good feedback, I like the production of Much Too Much more, definitely.

3. Games

This song about playing games which each other – definitely rather an American thing is very vocal-centric again (which I generally prefer in this album) I don’t get too much into this song, I have to admit… Thus, it is a bit like at the end of the track: ‘Cause you like games and I don’t wanna play no longer // Game over

4. Fear of Being Alone

This track is a straight pop track with some dancing attitude. This time the producers took some more elements into account, which makes it quite a lovely sound to me.

5. Pretty Boy

I like the atmosphere in Pretty Boy. Stella’s voice reminds me a bit of Enya in this track, but the whole arrangement is much more made for dancing. Good track, definitely.

6. Golf on TV feat. JP Saxe

The album develops more and more to music I enjoy – Golf on TV, which features the Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe is my favorite of the album so far. Especially the rhythmic passages feel to suck you into the song. Stella’s voice is simply too magic.

7. Older Than I Am

Maybe I am too optimistic when I hope after this piano ballad that there could be a way back to country – but Older Than I Am just feels great. The atmopshere of the song perfectly adds to Stella’s vocals.

8. Bend Over Backwards

This song could be a quite ordinary song, maybe even rock (there are some guitar elements) at the beginning – but then there is the scrambled voice in the refrain as well as this always recurring.

9. Jealous

Jealous (Ooh), jealous (Ooh)
I do better things with my time
Than tryna make you
Jealous (Ooh), jealous (Ooh)
Why can’t we move on with our lives?

Another track which has been released before the album – and to me one of the best ones. I prefer clear sound to artificial sounds. Good track.

10. Since I Was a Kid

I did read a couple reviews of this album before I started to work on the review (what I typically do not do…). The critics are typically good to very good. After listening to the album quite a while, songs like Since I Was a Kind feel a bit too stereotype to me. It is indeed a well done pop track – but there are quite a bunch of similar tracks. What a shame.

11. Weakness (Huey Lewis) (feat. Maisy Stella)

For Weakness, Lennon Stella is joined by her sister Maisy. The song has quite a long intro with some family recordings – no worry as that track is 7:47 minutes long. It is not characteristic for the whole album at all, but it is the highlight of the album, having interesting solo and duet elements, but also very nice instrumental parts.

12. Save Us

Save Us is a track which Lennon Stella wrorte about her sister. A very accentuated and ryhthmic track, which gives me a big smile at its very end, where Stella quites the amazing classic I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis.

13. Goodnight

Goodnight could really be a lullaby at the beginning, but finishes which some very spheric and strange synthesizer sounds with distorted voice. Strange.


Lennon Stella – Three, Two, One. – Spotify

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Lennon Stella – Three, Two, One. – My View

I know that most critics are good – and I definitely agree in some points: the voice is amazing, the production is good as well – but for quite some songs, it is very tiring to listen to it. Some tracks at the beginning of the album illustrate Stella’s great voice close to perfection – but I don’t know why you partially alter this amazing sound so significantly. More than average to me, but not in the top league of music.


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