Power Plush – Vomiting Emotions EP

Power Plush - Vomiting Emotions



3.2/5 Pros

  • Really interesting alternative pop project with three gentle female voices
  • Spots of really cool catching melodic moments
  • Feels very talented with potential to develop Cons

  • Not at full potential
  • A bit too monotonous and similar yet

The first set of the press kit I received about Power Plush are (translated to English) “Emancipatoric power meets empahtic plush”. Hmm, WHAT? At least, the sound of the band Power Plush is much clearer than this sentence – and thus, they made it into my list of reviews with their debut EP Vomiting Emotions. Release date was 17th September 2021.


Power Plush – About The Artists

Power Plush is a German band of four members. The band is fronted by three ladies, Anja (bass), Maria (guitar) and Svenja (guitar), who all three also share singing. The fourth band member is drummer Nino. The band exists since 2019, when they were founded in Chemnitz, and already did some support shows.


Power Plush – Vomiting Emotions – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. Vomiting Emotions

19 seconds – Vomiting Emotions is a choral-alike intro to the EP. This cuts the number of songs on this record down to five.

2. Smth Cool

Smth Cool has been released as a single. That’s more on the “plush” than on the “power” side of Power Plush, I guess: soft, easy pop with a nice rhythm and a good vibe. The vocals somehow sound thin – but it is just very catchy. I like it 🙂

3. Fine as Hell

Fine as Hell has a very similar sound. However, the song stays in the dream-ish, fragile style and does not develop a catching theme as the opener did – just when the drummer and the guitars gain more power, the song is going back to a very quiet, intimate atmosphere. Almost a very reduced R&B style.

4. I Need To Rearrange My Life

The fourth track again comes with a nice, gentle melody, which is just feeling like a fairy which is staying in your mind. I just need someone to help me, I’m the only who can feels like a mantra in the bridge. Solid song, which is simple, but also – simply – works out.

5. Running Circles

Running Circles is the shortest of the five tracks. The song is faster and more rhythmic than the songs before. Overall, the song does not work out for me than others on the album. It just does not create these magical moments, which stay in your mind. Which means it turns into an rather average (or less) alternative pop song with thin vocals. Sorry, ladies.

6. Feelz

Ups and downs – after the song I personally judge to be the weakest ones, Feelz is my favorite. The verses feel a bit too much like like intermissions to this musical show – but the chorus shows the potential of the band, creating catchy, rhythmic sounds and working with the three gentle, angel-alike vocalists. Nice finish.


Power Plush – Vomiting Emotions – Spotify

Here is Vomiting Emotions on Spotify:


Power Plush – Vomiting Emotions – My View

These ladies are not there yet – but they can be at the top. I like the concept, I like the three voices. There is still a lack of catching elements here and there – but in other moments of Vomiting Emotions, Power Plush already show their potential. The young German project did a first step – I look forward to the second one. If they keep on developing their style, I am sure that the next one can be much better.


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