Sonia Liebing – Liebe ist für alle da

Sonia Liebing - Liebe ist für alle da



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very fluent, good listen
  • 15 tracks and three bonus songs
  • No really weak song Cons

  • Too stereotypical and similar in some sections

Sonia Liebing established in the wider range of well-known German schlager artists the last years. On her homepage, she is even calling herself the future of German schlager. These kind of marketing phrases definitely trigger me and I had to have a deeper listen to her latest release. Here is my review of Liebe ist für alle da (“Love is there for everyone”), which is her third studio album overall. Release date has been 10th November 2023.


Sonia Liebing – About The Artist

Sonia Liebing was born on 6th September 1989 in Cologne, Germany. She initially worked in merchandise and in the cafe of her parents.After marrying and having two daughters, she initially ran her business. However, the Schlagernacht des Jahres tour event with several artists paved the way to increasing popularity. Already her debut album Wunschlos glücklich peaked in the Top 30 of the German and Austrian album charts. One year later, she added the second long-play, Absolut, which was slightly more successful.


Sonia Liebing – Liebe ist für alle da – Track by Track

The 18 song album lasts 58 minutes.

1. Komm sing mit mir

Sonia Liebing is opening her album by requesting “Come on, sing with me” (the song is precised as “our love song” later). A typical schlager track, synth-pop sounnds with disco fox beats. The chorus has some hymnic qualities.

2. Verliebt sein (feat. Mike Leon Grosch)

Mike Leon Grosch is one of the most remarkable voices in the genre’s business. Especially the opener of Verliebt sein (“Being in love”) is impressing. I feel that this collaboration could be even better than this song is already.

3. Liebe ist für alle da

The title track is taking the third position of the album. The song is one of the best ones of the albums and also comes with a clear message. The children choir in the background is maybe a bit too much, but overall, I really like this one.

Egal ob reich oder arm, laut oder stumm
Frau oder Mann, quer gestreift oder bunt
Hey, du bist wunderbar
Und Liebe ist für alle da
Liebe ist für alle da

(“No matter of rich or poor, loud or mute
Woman or man, fasciated or colorful
Hey, you are wonderful
And love is there for everybody
Love is there for everybody”)

4. Herzvampir

The word Herzvampir (“Heart Vampire”) is a beautiful example how you can connect nouns to one word, ain’t it. The song is slightly slower, but has a very present beat. The song is a nice sing-a-long, but it does not keep up with the best listens of this set of track.

5. Eine Nacht (Dirty Dancing)

Eine Nacht Dirty Dancing
Eine Nacht, du mit mir
Lass probier’n, morgen wieder fremd zu sein
Doch ich glaub, das wird nicht funktionier’n

(“One night, dirty dancing
One night you with me
Let’s try to be strangers tomorrow again
But I believe, this will not work out”)

Schlager music might be traditional and stereotypical – but songs like this, which is dealing with a potential affair, illustrate that the genre is not necessarily prim. The sound of the songs is unfortunately a bit too repetitive. I also feel that the album is here and there trying to imitate the sound of big names of the genre rather than trying to define own nuances. Still, I cannot deny that it is a straight, catching listen.

6. Wie Feuer und Eis

Wie Feuer und Eis is a song which is beautifully illustrating the dilemma of the genre. Individually, it is a good listen. However, in the context of the album, it does not define own character sufficiently. Thus, the song feels much more random than it actually should do.

7. Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto (with Mickie Krause)

Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto is a party schlager song, which has been one of the most successful listens by Mickie Krause. While Germans know this song as a upbeat Mallorca drinking song, Krause and Liebing turn it into an erotic and hot ballad for this album. Fantastic transformation.

8. Nur du schaffst das

Nur du schaffst das (“Only you manage to do that”) is a song about love and a praise to Liebing’s husband – the artist is married since 2011 and has two kids. The song has a own style, which I absolutely appreciate. Unfortunately, the chorus falls back to a very typical hook.

9. So lange wir uns lieben

There are a couple of songs, which make me feel that – but at So lange wir uns lieben (“As long as we love each other”), I feel I am in a Helene Fischer track. I guess that is not a too bad statement for a schlager song.

10. Halt mich

This part of the album presents new melodies, new beats. Halt mich feels like summer in Spain, dancing on the beach to tango beats. Halt mich fest in Deinen Armen (“Hold me tight in your arms”) is a rather welcome message in this context. The focus of the listener might be on other songs – which is a shame. This tenth track is a nice one.

11. Die Liebe hat mich kalt erwischt

After these rather alternative sounds, Die Liebe hat mich kalt erwischt introduces rather traditional sounds. The chorus is a nice one, though.

12. Immer wieder wenn die Sonne scheint (with DJ Herzbeat)

A typical kind of schlager songs are to create German versions of (typically: international successful) songs. If you need a German version of Break My Stride (with the line I can feel your heartbeat in the chorus), this one is an option. To me, this is a hardly bearable listen.

13. Hemmungslos

Hemmungslos is stereotypical. The chorus reminds me of the queen of schlager, Helene Fischer. But: this song is damn good. And I love it. I feel a bit of sorry for that. And keep on dancing to the beat.

14. Wir tun’s schon wieder

The title of this track states “We are doing it again”. I don’t translate the lyrics and leave the repeated action up to your thoughts and fantasies. The song, though, is a nice one.

15. Spuren der Liebe

The closing song of the “main” part of the album is about “Traces of Love”. The song comes with slightly less thumbing beats, but overall

16. Verliebt sein (ballad version, feat. Mike Leon Grosch)

Schlager fans typically get quite a lot of musical value (or at least: duration) when they buy a album from their idols. Sonia Liebing’s release is in line with that. After 15 songs (which is already quite nice), there are three special versions of her songs. Especially this stripped down version of Verliebt sein with Mike Leon Grosch is a real treat. There is a much nicer focus on the voices of the two artists.

17. Komm sing mit mir (Ich find Schlager toll Live)

The other two “bonus tracks” are live recordings of the Liebe ist für alle da songs. This one does not add too much to me. Maybe fans get a bit of a “concert feeling” while listening to it.

18. Nur du schaffst das (Ich find Schlager toll Live)

The final bonus is the live version of Nur du schaffst das. This time, the sound is much more different from the studio version you already listened to before. I feel that this chucker-out track is unfortunately less energetic.


Sonia Liebing – Liebe ist für alle da – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sonia Liebing – Liebe ist für alle da – My View

I am sure that Sonie Liebing fans will love and praise the album. It is made with a straight attitude, a good sound. It is very fluent – also because some of the songs are really close to each other. I would love to have a few more songs which lead to a different sound. A great record for the market and the listeners, a good one for me.

Favorite Song: Hemmungslos


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