The Krontjong Devils – Music From The Stars Vol. 1

The Krontjong Devils - Music From The Stars Vol. 1



4.0/5 Pros

  • Superb transformation of classic songs to surfers rock
  • Very nice instrumental conversion Cons

  • A few tracks are significantly less catchy

Instrumental covers of big 1980’s songs, surf music and beat style – that’s about the story of the latest album by the Dutch The Krontjong Devils. On 28th January 2022, they released Music From The Stars Vol. 1. I love weird projects – so there was no doubt that this album transforms into a posting. Enjoy!


The Krontjong Devils – About The Artists

The Krontjong Devils are a band from Groningen, Netherlands. I unfortunately did not find too much information about the surf rock’n’roll band. They felt to be rather popular and active since the 1990’s. and released quite a lot of EPs and albums. With their album Action!, they felt to have stopped their career. Their Facebook page stated in mid-2020 that the band is back in the studio recording songs.

The Krontjong Devils – Music From The Stars Vol. 1 – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Call Me

If you ask yourself, whether this concept is working after you read my introduction, Call Me is giving you the answer already: the Blondie classic is just a lot of fun. You don’t even miss the vocals. On the one hand, you know the lyrics anyway – on the other, the Dutch nicely replace it with an instrumental melody line. Cool

2. Oxygene IV

The second track features a Jean-Michel Jarre classic. Instrumental music transformed into instrumental music – but in a very different style. I felt that Call Me is more catchy – but it is a nice listen as well.

3. Take On Me

From Norway to the Netherlands – Who needs Morten Harket, if you are listening to this version of the A-Ha success? I would rate this one to be the best song of the album – especially as the band is beautifully transforming the wide range of notes to a cool instrumentation.

4. Cambodia

Kim Wilde! The 2022 version of Cambodia feels to have much more drive. Again, the true magic of the version is that you don’t miss the English music legend. Just because the song is that good – and the band is doing a great job as well.

5. I Feel Love

I feel that the band chose a very difficult and tricky song with that 1977 original recording by Donna Summer. Unfortunately, I also feel that they failed partially. The chorus is working quite well, but I struggle with the verses and other parts.

6. Gangsters

The sixth track is another 1979 song, Gangsters by The Specials. The Krontjung Devils again do a nice interpretation. However, like its predecessor, I feel that this song is just much more difficult to be transformed into the musical sphere of the band. Rhythmic pop songs with a dancing attitude feel to be much easier.

7. The Force

The Force is (as far as I know) also the official title of the Star Wars Theme – in this case, the Dutch base their song on a 2013 release by F. Cuitat and Y. Hayat. I neither know the original nor really relate to this version, unfortunately.

8. Aurora

Aurora is another 2013 song, which has been released by Nova. Even if you don’t this song, the melody line is made much better and easier to get again in this version. Love it.

9. Quiero

Julia Iglesias made this song famous in the mid-1970’s – and Groningen gave it a new boost 45 years later. Not much more to say, thy guys just did a very good job here.

10. Chariots Of Fire

Is there a more hymnic, epic option than Chariots of Fire to complete the album. The key melody line is taken by a distorted electric guitar here. This initially sounds a bit like insulting one of the most iconic songs in music history – but they just do a cool version. Superb finale.


The Krontjong Devils – Music From The Stars Vol. 1 – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Krontjong Devils – Music From The Stars Vol. 1 – My View

Unfortunately, there are a few songs which do not work out as good as the others – otherwise, Music From The Stars Vol. 1 would be a massive cover album. I like the way The Krontjong Devils transformed these classic into their style. Really good skills and sounds. If you like the 1970’s and 1980’s especially, I recommend a listen.


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