Florida Georgia Line – Life Rolls On

Florida Georgia Line - Life Rolls On



3.4/5 Pros

  • 15 songs
  • Contains all tracks of the EP (which are still the best songs of the album) Cons

  • Not too many valuable additions to the "6-Pack" EP
  • Very stereotype songs

Florida Georgia Line is back in the record store – some eight months after they released the 6-Pack EP, their 2021 major release is a full length album. On 12th February, they released Life Rolls On.


Florida Georgia Line – About The Artists

In my review of their 2020 EP Six Pack, I wrote some points about how Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard became Florida Georgia Line. The band name is in fact a reference to their home states – the band, however, has been founded in Nashville.


Florida Georgia Line – Life Rolls On – Track by Track

The album contains 16 tracks. This, however, includes all songs you might already know from the 6-Pack EP. Overall, nine tracks have already been published before the album. The playtime is 43 minutes.

1. Long Live

The original 6-Pack has been a six track majorly party-orientated EP. Long Live was then one of three songs, which have been added to a some sort of nine track extended version of the EP.

Long live all the small towners
Sunup to sundowners
That old school Haggard and Hank
Long live longneck bottles
And wide-open throttles
And old dirt roads with no name
Long live them country girls, long legs in cut up jeans
Long live this way of life, long live nights like these
Long live, long live, long live, long live nights like these

The song gets quite good reviews – and it is indeed a catchy one, even though it is rather driven my country music stereotypes.

2. Life Looks Good

Life Looks Good is the first new track on the album. The album has quite a classic touch and comes with a nice groove. It’s got all the necessary ingredients for a country song for country song haters: being happy because you are sitting on the hood of the car in the country night with a nice girl next to you. Country lovers tip their boots on the grounds to the rhythm of the song. Not an outstanding one, but not too bad as well.

3. Countryside

The first song taken from the “core” part of the 6-Pack EP. For the contents, majorly refer to my original review – or Life Looks Good (it’s in fact not too different).

4. Always Gonna Love You

I, I, I, I, I, I’m always gonna love you
Always gonna love you, baby
I, I, I, I, I, I’m always gonna love you
Always gonna love you
When the sun burns out and the cows come home
From now ’til forever something you can count on is
I, I, I, I, I, I’m always gonna love you
Always gonna love you, yeah

If I was a girl, I am not too sure if I would really enjoy if the love to me is somehow linked to life stock coming home. Apart from that it is a classic Florida Georgia Line tune.

5. I Love My Country

This time, a praise to the USA rather to girls and life stock. The song was my favorite on the party EP – and it of course stays a good song with a lot of party potential.

6. Hard to Get to Heaven

It ain’t hard to get to heaven // Hell, I go there every night. If you expect some religious references in this track – you are wrong: this is a bloody – but beautiful – love songs. Good new addition to the well-known nine-pack of tracks.

7. Long Time Comin’

Long Time Comin’ is a beautiful country music ballad. Some for the car hood in the night… with a girl… Damn, I am getting too much into these country music stereotypes as well. Love this one!

8. Interlude

The Interlude is just what it is: an interlude. 26 seconds or fast forward button.

9. Ain’t Worried Bout It (Album Version)

This song has been part of the 6-Pack, but has been re-recorded for the album. Still a nice country track with a pop touch.

10. Beer:30

I did not like the song as the opener of the EP – and I just cannot relate to it at all while listening to the album as well. The best thing about it: apart from Interlude, it is the shortest song on the album. 2;19 minutes and it’s over.

11. New Truck

I got a new truck, I got a new ride
I got it souped-up, I like it too high 
I got a new truck, I got a new ride 
Shawty wanna ride shotty when I roll by
I got a new truck

If you got your streaming control, remote control or whatever in hand anyway as you skipped Beer:30, I recommend to push the button another time – or go back to the previous song – New Truck is even worse.

12. Eyes Closed

Like that road that I grew up on, I know every twist and turn
We’ve been doin’ this so long, I memorized your every curve
Girl, don’t get me wrong, you’re perfect
From your head down to your toes
But I can kiss you, I can hold you, I can love you
I can love you with my eyes closed

Again, I am fascinated about American definitions of being romantic (is it better to be like a cow or like a road?). After I finally gave in that this seems to be an acceptable way of expressing love – it is a short, but not that bad love song.

13. Second Guessing (From Songland)

The album stays on the love and ballad side. Second Guessing is a nice one, for sure. Liked it in May 2020 already.


14. Good to Me

I burn some rubber off a truck tire, started me some wildfires
Burnt down bridges that I couldn’t build back
Mighta had to learn the hard way, had my share of hard days
How the hell I ever make it through all that?
There must’ve been a reason
And I can’t ever think that
God’s been good to me, God’s been good to me
On this front porch with my baby, nowhere else I’d rather be
I can just look around, it ain’t hard to see
God’s been good, so good to me

I would rate Good to Me as a rather average song. It finally does not add too much value to the album. The guitar solo is quite nice.

15. U.S. Stronger

The song has been too much, too pathetic during my initial review. As country music songs which is full of – absolutely overdone – American exceptionalism thoughts.

16. Life Rolls On

During the last weeks, I ran into more and more US albums which close with the title track. Is there some sort of sum-up thought? No idea – I can only say that FGL does the same. If that finisher was characteristic for the whole album, it would definitely fail to reach the higher rankings.


Florida Georgia Line – Life Rolls On – Spotify

Here is Life Rolls On on Spotify:


Florida Georgia Line – Life Rolls On – My View

The 6-Pack EP just made it into the Top Pick! rankings – Life Rolls On definitely fails to do so. There is not too much valuable addition to the album. The number of songs is nice, but finally you receive six new songs and an unnecessary interlude. Hard To Get To Heaven and Long Time Comin’ are decent investments if you own the EP already, though. Overall, I have been rather disappointed – even though the album will of course end up in rather solid ratings.


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