Antje Schomaker – Snacks

Antje Schomaker - Snacks



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very individual good German pop music
  • Nice storytelling
  • Very versatile album

It’s already five years ago since Antje Schomaker released her debut album Von Helden und Halunken. The feature singles to her sophomore release Snacks were very promising – so I had an easy choice and decided to review the album when I received it as a promo. Here are my thoughts about the 6th October 2023 release.


Antje Schomaker – About The Artist

Antje Schomaker is a 1992-born artist from the German Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) region. She went to school in Krefeld and already learned to play several instruments, including piano, guitar and bassoon. At the age of 20, a producer saw her performing an a cappella song and persuaded her to move to Hamburg. In 2018, she released her debut album Von Helden und Halunken, which had a short appearance in the German Top 50. She won several awards and also had some popular songs on TikTok, e.g. the 2021 Ich muss gar nichts (“I don’t have to do anything”)


Antje Schomaker – Snacks – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Lost Indieboy

The album opens with three songs with have been released as singles. The first track, Lost Indieboy is an indie-pop track, which is especially stays in your mind due to the melodic chorus. The topic? Love! However, this time, the story is not as happy as the melodies might suggest (“You are not Peter Pan”).


Snacks is not only the title track of the album, but also one of the best listens of the album. Schomakers postulates Ich will Snacks – “I want snacks”. I wouldn’t promise, though, that this track is about nutrition. Cool, very self-confident German pop.

3. Nie nach Paris

Ich wollte nie nach Paris
Aber da wusst ich ja auch
Noch nicht, dass es dich gibt
Und es braucht nur
Ein Blick, ein Wort, ein Kuss so wie bei Disney
Ich krieg sofort Gefühle, wenn ich dich seh
Ich wollte nie nach Paris
Doch mit dir will ich

(“I never wanted to go to Paris
But at that time I actually
Did not know that you are out there.
And it just needs
A look, a word, a kiss, like at Disney
I immediately get feelings, when I see you
I never wanted to go to Paris
But with you I want to”)

This single release is my favorite song of the album. Very catching melody, nice story and songwriting. Antje Schomaker beautifully describes how love can change your mind and attitude.

4. So Wie Du

So Wie Du again feels very emotional, almost like a musical dream. The chorus has a nice vibe. The keyboard background and the echo give the chorus a bit of a kitschy touch as well, though.

5. Alles Neu

The stanzas of Alles Neu are in fact spoken words, on which the song is focusing strongly. The rocking chorus feels like a strong contrast. This leads to a very interesting, stunning listen. The speed of the chorus adds a nice, dynamic touch.

6. Zeit heilt einen Scheiß

The title of the sixth songs roughly translates to “Time heals a fuck”, based on the German proverb “Time heals all wounds”. The song is rather rocking and angry. Very relatable, straight song – which is one of the best ones of the album to me:

Ich will nicht hören, dass es besser wird
Dass das was war, irgendwann alles Sinn ergibt
Ich brauch deine Weisheit nicht
Die Zeit heilt ‘n Scheiß für mich

(“I don’t want to hear that things will become better
That thing which happened will make sense one time
I don’t need your wisdom
Time heals a fuck for me”)

7. Wenn ich mal Kinder hab

“If I have kids one time, I want to be just like you”. The seventh song is a lovely praise of Antje Schomaker’s parents. The song is also reflecting about how you behaved as a child and how limited the time with your parents can be. One of the most beautiful writes and most emotional moments of the album.

8. Irgendwohin

After this rather quiet moment, Antje Schomaker continues with a one of her cheeky, straight indie-pop recordings. The song is about love, but also about freedom, the desire to travel and explore the world.

9. Huckepack

There might not be too many songs called “Piggyback” which have ever been recorded. The ninth song is rather quiet, the vocals and drums are the most present elements of the song and lead to a very intense listen.

10. Denk nicht an Dich

The rhythmic sound with backing synth lines of this song reminds me of 1980’s pop. However, the vocal part of Denk nicht an Dich feels more modern than that. Not a bad song, but it just does not manage to leave a mark as much as other songs in here.

11. Sterne & So

Not quite a ballad, but Sterne & So is a lovely, slow, very atmospheric track. The longest song of Snacks showcases a very really lovely side of Antje Schomaker’s music. One of my favorites.

12. Nichts wirklich ganz

After I struggled with Sterne & Co. in that regard, I put the “ballad” stamp on the closing song. Beautiful, gentle song, which is very majorly driven by the artist’s voice and the acoustic guitar.


Antje Schomaker – Snacks – Spotify

Here is Snacks on Spotify:


Antje Schomaker – Snacks – My View

Snacks is a lovely album by Antje Schomaker. Modern German pop with indie elements meets good storytelling. I really enjoyed listening to her sophomore release.

Favorite Song: Nie nach Paris


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