Songs Of The Week (week of 7 October 2022)

I had an amazing week in Cyprus and am just about to prepare for my second trip to the Weird Al Yankovic 2022 Tour. My list of new songs feels as versatile as these days in October 2022. Enjoy the first edition of my Songs of the Week that month.


Sophie B. Hawkins – Love Yourself

On the music side, this was the news of the week: Sophie B. Hawkins, who is currently touring North America due to the 30th anniversary of her legendary Tongues and Tails album, released a new song on Thursday. Love Yourself simply creates so many lovely memories to me. Hope to see her live on stage one day.


Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Rufus Wainwright – The Loneliest Time

Interesting Canadian pop collaboration: Carly Rae Jepsen meets Rufus Wainwright and creates this beating disco pop track with a ballad structure. Different parts of the song remind me of (different) famous music artists. Nice one.


Sorana – Happy Birthday Sadness

The full name of this Romanian artist is Sorana Paula Pacurar. She is very popular in her home country Romania, but also had some good sales in the Netherlands. After her great collaboration with David Guetta, Redrum, early this year, another catching, straight pop song.


Cat Burns – People Pleaser

The set of songs starts with artists from very different parts of the world this time. The melodic People Pleaser is by Cat Burns, an artist from Southern London. I love to listen to this one.


The Kooks & Milky Chance – Beautiful World

Milky Chance are currently touring Europe and will be in their home country Germany in mid-November 2022. This one is a great collaboration of two very interesting and successful bands. Brighton meets Kassel – or England meets Germany. Cool track.


Nickelbeck – Those Days

Another song from Canada: Nickelbeck simply does Nickelbeck – why should they do something else? They are simply good in what they do.


All Time Low – Sleepwalking

All Time Low is a rock band from Towson, Maryland, just North of Baltimore. Between 2009 and 2017, five of their albums made it to the Top 10 of the US (overall) charts – and Future Hearts even topped to UK one in 2015. Sleepwalking illustrates why should listen to them – if you don’t do so already.


Black Star Riders – Pay Dirt

I am looking that much forward to the January 2023 new album by the Black Star Riders. Another single, another reason to increase this feeling. Enjoy Pay Dirt.


Bury Tomorrow – Abandon Us

Bury Tomorrow are from Southampton – and will especially make harder metal-fans smile. I like the nice balance between shouting and very melodic elements


Mono Inc. – Heartbeat of the Dead

Fans of Moni Inc. are already looking forward to 20th January 2023, whne the band is releasing their new album Ravenblack. The Hamburg gothic rockers present this song from their major release. Cool sound from Germany.


Ian Hooper – Here to Stay

Ian Hooper is well-known as the lead singer of the indie folk band Mighty Oaks. The US-American is living in Berlin, Germany. Here to Stay is a lovely, groovy solo releaase.


Nat Schedler – Mile To Go

Nat Schedler is a Swiss artist, who grew up in Winterthur near Zurich. Nice pop song with interesting breaks.


Seraina Telli – I’m Not Sorry

Another Swiss artist – you may know Seraina Telli as the lead of the Burning Witches. She is nowadays going solo – but still rocking. Great voice and a powerful, energetic rocker.


Dennis Vahlen – Neon

Dennis Vahlen is a German artist, who released this beautiful pop-rock song Neon this week. Nice guitar work and good vibes on this one.


Le Fly – Caroline

Le Fly from Hamburg are doing music made to parts. They mix pop, rock and ska elements to a sound which feels like summer – and dancing. That’s just what I feel when I listen to Caroline.


Die Punkies feat. Antje Schomaker – Wie wir war’n

A little bit of punk, a good ease of a pop track. The fun thing about this project: they are in fact the main characters of an audio drama for kids. Sounds to good, though.


LustfingeR – Durchs Feuer gehen

LustfingeR released Durchs Feuer gehen as a single. It is the fourth track of their self-titled album, which I reviewed – and loved – in July 2022. I still do.


BlankWeinek – De Gluat

BlankWeinek is a Bavarian-Styrian collaboration. I feel that their song De Gluat (“Embers”) is a lovely folk track with some country music vibes.


Anni Perka – Das Glück ist jetzt

33 year old Anni Perka started her career as a Helene Fischer double. However, she is more and more emancipating and presents own schlager tracks – even though there is a touch of Helene in this Hamburg artist.


Linda Fäh – So schwer verliebt

The last artist in my block of schlager tracks is the amazing Swiss Linda Fäh. Song by song, she feels to improve her presence and memorability.  Lovely new one.


Zymba – Get Ready

Rap and hip hop are typically not that present in this category of However, I simply liked Get Ready by this artist. Hope his vibe catches you as well.


Alan Lambert – Mad About The Boy

Last, but not least a very soulful new song by Adam Lambert. While my review of his album Velvet is maybe one of the most intensively discussed one I ever faced, I this time fully enjoy what he is doing.


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