Fairytale – Winter Tales

Fairytale - Wintertales



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very versatile album
  • Good quality sound with surprising styles

Fairytale themselves call their music “Fantasy Folk”. On 25th February 2022, they release a new album, Winter Tales. After a short listen on a promotion platform, I strongly felt that this album needs a review.


Fairytale – About The Artist

Fairytale has been founded in 2014 in Hanover (Hannover), Germany. They already played a couple of huge festivals like Wacken or the Leipzig Wave Gothic Meeting. Their first album, Forest of Summer, has been released in 2015. The current lineup only includes two original members: Laura Isabel Biastoch is the singer of the band, while Oliver Oppermann is playing the guitar and Irish bouzoukis. The other Fairytale members are Yasmine Rehmert (violin), Saskia Scheand (cello) and Christiane Bunk (harp). In 2019, the band also produced a fantasy musical, Der Elfen-Thron von Thorsagon (“The Thorsagon Elves Throne”).

Fairytale – Winter Tales – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 51 minutes.

1. Dark Moon

Dark Moon starts with such a dramatic initial touch – but then turns into an easy, beautiful folk diddy. Biastoch is an amazing storyteller with very accentuated, strong vocals. Great opener.

2. It’s Winter

The first two tracks of Fairytale’s 2022 album have already been shared with their fans. The song has a strong Medieval music touch, the rhythmic work leads to a slight touch of pop. Beautiful change between accentuated, almost spoken lyrics and very flowing and melodic parts. Two songs and still smiling while listening.

3. Faunus Deum

The major language of Fairytale is English. However, some tracks are using German lyrics. Even though Faunus Deum might suggest Latin words, the historic language is just used for some choral-alike backing vocals. A song about a faun with beautiful flute parts, which are also teased in the textbook.

Höre das Lied, folge dem Ruf
Spure die Macht
Wenn unser Faun zum Feste lädt
In dieser Nacht

(“Listen to the song, follow the call
Feel the power
When the faun is inviting to the feast
In this night”)

4. Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now is a rhythmic song, which gives a nice focus on the string instruments and the harp. Thereby, it feels like a rather modern folk-pop track. Very nice contrast, good song.

5. Wintertale

For quite a long time of listening, Wintertale feels like an instrumental – but finally, there are some limited lyrics in the second half of the song. However, they are rather atmospheric than telling a story. Thus, the song feels a bit like an interlude.

6. The Blizzard

The cello is introducing the listener into the world of The Blizzard. The song stays with a dramatic touch – and also is a nice contrast by relying on male lead vocals this time. Nice track.

7. Dreams

The violin sounds and the slow tempo of the song indeed suits to what you would think about when you think about Dreams. Another good one.

8. Istyanon

Very rhythmic, almost oriental-feeling folk music track. The percussion and the acoustic guitar take the lead in this 1:49 minute instrumental.

9. Cradle of Fae

The 5:43 minute epic Cradle of Fae is one of my favorite. The song has a dramatic intro, which has a touch of African style music, but then rather goes back to beautiful, light ease of other songs of the album. Very nice balance between instrumental and lyric parts in this song.

10. Vor den Toren

The title is already telling you: these 3:43 minutes are going back to German lyrics. If they would not use German lyrics, you might even believe this song is a re-interpretation of an early New Age song. Great listen.

11. Reina’s Tears

Reina’s Tears is again based on a beautiful, a bit of melancholic collaboration of the harp and the cello. Nice 2:36 minute track.

12. Timefall

Timefall is opening with the gentle sound of the flute, followed by very nice an harmonic vocals by Biastoch. A beautiful song, which is later also creating a lot of magic with the backing vocals.

13. Skalden Lee

The last song surprises with a very special type of melody, which I would name to be somewhere between shanty and rock with a folk touch. The main theme comes with a very catchy melody, which reminds my of the band’s folk musical release. Song has also some parts to enjoy yourself and have fun.

We are the riders
The sailors, the fighters
The sinners, the kin way back home.


Fairytale – Winter Tales – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Fairytale – Winter Tales – My View

I really love to listen to these Winter Tales. The Lower Saxony band creates very mature and versatile songs. I would not state that the songs are in the top class of their genre, but they are not too far from that. And, I guess, having these songs on stage must be a real treat. If you like folk with a historic touch, this one is a great listen for you.


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