Katie Henry – On My Way

Katie Henry - On My Way



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great range of songs
  • Very good vocal and instrumental performance

Running into Katie Henry’s 2022 album On My Way was one of these tunes which made me feel from the very first moment that I should share her songs with you. She is doing a nice blend of blues, country and rock. The release date of the album is 28th January 2022.


Katie Henry – About The Artist

Katie Henry is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Her debut album was the 2018 album High Road. She recorded On My Way with Antar Goodwin (bass, slide guitar), Ben Rice (guitar, vocals), Kurt Thum (piano, organ) and Greg Wieczorek (drums, percussion).


Katie Henry – On My Way – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. On My Way

Powerful guitars, a stomping blues rhythm with some country music touch: the album On My Way truly starts with a lot of energy. But I know, I’m on my way – sounds like this a really good way for the following nine songs.

2. Empty Cup

The second song, Empty Cup has a very different sound: much more melodic, with a finer touch. The track is having the ease of a swing composition. Great work on the keys, which give a beautiful background sound.

3. Without A Fight

Especially the beginning of Without A Fight gives a welcoming feeling to traditional country music lovers. The song, which is a nice retrospective to Katie Henry’s career so far, is lovely storytelling and again has a nice balance between a good story and beautiful melodic work.

4. Bury You

The guitars give a powerful statement at the beginning of this song, which gives a nice feelings somewhere between Americana and rock’n’roll. Deep, hard, but also really cool. With 4:28 minutes, the song is the longest track on the album – and it is one of my favorite songs of all ten as well.

5. Setting Sun

So far, On My Way is not only a travel through different stories, but also through very different kinds of songs. Setting Sun feels very intimate, fragile. Katie Henry’s voice feels so gentle in this one. If you long for some emotional sounds, this track is an excellent choice.

6. Got Me Good

The second single release of the album, Got Me Good, is a lovely blues rocker – and combines the best of the genres. There is the straight rock sound (even though it is rather a gentle strumming of the guitar strings in here) on the one hand. On the other hand, there is the magical blues vibe in Got Me Good. Very good listen and a lovely vocal performance.

7. Blessings

Blessings is a beautiful track with a rather traditional setup. Really nice, almost relaxing listen.

8. Too Long feat. Giles Robson

The eighth song, Too Long, is a dark blues rocker. Giles Robson is giving a great additional touch by his wonderful harmonica play, which almost feels to battle with the very present organ. A bit of scary – in a good sense.

9. Running Round

The piano song Running Round could also be a lovely final farewell track of the album. Such a stunning difference after the powerful track before.

10. Catch Me If You Can

Katie Henry closes her second album with the rhythmic Catch Me If You Can. Very energetic finale, even though the song feels to be a bit more repetitive than the tracks before.


Katie Henry – On My Way – Spotify

Here is On My Way on Spotify:


Katie Henry – On My Way – My View

On My Way is a really lovely listen. Katie Henry is able to hit so many stories and moods and point. I cannot identify any really weak spot – the repeat button is almost guaranteed. Thus, the album deserves a thumbs up, for sure – or a Top Pick!, how I call it on


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