Alex Diehl – Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte EP

Alex Diehl - Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte



4.7/5 Pros

  • Absolutely authentic and straight songwriting
  • Amazing voice, which is a perfect fit to the topic

The press kit to this EP opens with “Another singer-songwriter who is writing about his personal lovesickness. Does the world need it?”. Obviously, in the press kit, there is a positive answer on that topic – but I felt to have a deeper look into Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte – “The songs I never wanted to write”. Here are my thoughts about the Alex Diehl recording, which has been released on 12th November 2021.


Alex Diehl – About The Artist

Alex Diehl is a German singer-songwriter, who was born on 26th November 1987 in Traunstein in Southeast Germany, close to the Austrian border. He is playing multiple instruments and also started his first steps in the music business in very different genres, even jazz. His biggest song so far was Nur ein Lied, which he wrote based on the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. The single just made it to the 33rd spot in the German charts, but the video, which has been recorded with very basic equipment, got viral in social media. Another big song was In meiner Seele. The 2016 release has almost seven million views on YouTube only.

On the album side, he debuted with Ein Leben lang in 2014. The 2016 album Bretter meiner Welt peaked in the German Top 40 album charts. Published by his own label, he recorded a third album, Laut, in 2020, which at least had a brief presence in the German charts again.


Alex Diehl – Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Alt, Kaputt und Grau

The EP is full of emotions – and its opener is already an impressive proof for that. More or less just accompanied by a piano, Alex Diehl can rely on his signature voice. The song is made for success. Great, catchy song.

2. Für Immer Mein

I would love to just give you the whole translation of this song. The style of Für Immer Mein (“Forever mine”). Such an intense song, which is creating a blast of an atmosphere with few ingredients. Great one.

3. Heim

The title of the third song translates to “Home”. This album is not made to dance and be happy. Therefor, Diehl fascinates with great storytelling – on top of his voice, which makes you feel any tear caused by this failed love.

Wenn Du dann einsam bist,
sag, wen rufst Du dann an?
Du bist die, die mein Herz zerbricht
Und die, die es reparieren kann.
Und wenn das das Ende ist,
Von unserem Leben lang.
Ich will doch nur heim
In Deinen Arm.

(“When you are lonely,
say, whom are you calling
You are the one, which breaks my heart
and the one, who may repair it.
And if that is the end
of you life long.
I just want to be home
In your arms.”)

4. Ewigkeit

Am Ende bleibt zu wenig für uns – “finally, there is too less for us”. Even though this song is not as melancholic and sad as the song before, you won’t smile listening to the story. Amazing, picturesque. I just listen.

5. Lieb Mich!

The last song is an appealing ask for a final try to love. Ich bin doch nichts ohne Dich – I am nothing without out. I just want to hug Alex Diehl while listening to this track, which is concluding the EP.


Alex Diehl – Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte – Spotify

Here is Alex Diehl’s EP on Spotify:


Alex Diehl – Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte – My View

The EP is quite tough, very straight – but it is also a fascinating listen. The way Diehl is describing his feelings is just a way you have to listen to – and the feelings and emotions are just as you can perfectly relate to. Even though I would love to have some happier messages as well – this is not the concept of this EP. Alex Diehl is doing Die Songs, die ich nie schreiben wollte in a great manner.


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