Emma Elisabeth – Some Kind of Paradise

Emma Elisabeth - Some Kind of Paradise



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of songs
  • Great atmopshere
  • Outstanding "Heart On A String"

I recently ran into the single Heart on A String, when Emma Elisabeth published the song as a single. The more I felt happy and curious, when I got the chance to pre-listen to her new 2022 album, Some Kind of Paradise. Here are my thoughts about the 4th March 2022 release.


Emma Elisabeth – About The Artist

Emma Elisabeth Dittrich, which is the artist’s full name is a Swedish musician nowadays living in Berlin. She studied singing in Stockholm and performed in several parts of the world. Her first EP release was the 2017 We Gotta Talk, followed by her debut album, Melancholic Milkshake (2019). Some Kind of Paradise is already her third studio album, as she published her Cover Stories album in 2020.


Emma Elisabeth – Some Kind of Paradise – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Some Kind Of Paradise

The thirteen song voyage starts with the three minute title track. A very atmospheric track coming with a touch of melancholy. Hard to say which kind of route this trip will be taking.

2. Tray Full Of Ash

Tray Full Of Ash is the longest song of the album. The first element of the track is the very present rhythm. Emma Elisabeth’s voice feels rather easy and light, but the song is not without the melancholic feeling of the title track. The longer the track lasts, the more it feels like a rather modern pop track with some folk and rock elements.

3. Vampires

While the drums welcomed the listener in the second song, the bass takes the lead at Vampires. Again, I struggle to find good words for the strong contrast between a certain ease the song is having the touch of darkness, which is in there. Very nicely built atmosphere around this track.

4. Lovers

Lovers is  track about a love affair. The chorus feels very easy and almost sounds like a mainstream pop song (maybe with bit of a traditional touch). But once the song turns away from its We were lovers on the back seat, the song feels quite similar to the tunes you listened to before. Really good listen.

5. Up In Smoke

The guitar and bass in the background feel like an Americana song. On the vocal side, Emma Elisabeth rather stays on the pop music. The special characteristic of the song clearly emerges from the nice background vibe, though.

6. Like You Care

Like You Care comes with a lot of darkness. Especially the bridge almost feels dangerous, psychedelic. This special character of the song leads to that it is one of my favorites on the album.

7. Love You Less

Love You Less is another track I can relate to very well. I like the melodic character of the song. There is even a touch of nostalgia in this song to me. Very nice, straight pop production, which stays in your mind.

8. Manic Pixie Dream Girl

This November 2021 has a very different style than the songs before. The rather slow track is majorly characterized by a  very dominant groove due to very present bass work. Nice recording, even though it is not on the top of my personal list.

9. Cruel

The chorus of Cruel is a real melodic beauty and reminds me of 1990’s pop-rock tracks (which is also supported by the keyboard melodic lines in the background). Lovely, emotional performance.

10. Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is a mid-tempo song, which is focusing quite much on Emma Elisabeth’s voice, before the bridge is turning into a rather experimental sound. Not bad.

11. Any Storm

This eleventh song is a straight indie-pop song with nice work on the bass and the guitar. Very atmospheric song and a good listen.

12. Heart On A String

This song made to my very first edition of my Songs of the Week. I had a crush on it before Santa Clause – and I still got it now. Excellent one.

13. Telescope

Telescope is the four minute closing of the album. The song beautifully feels like a slow, hand-made folk rock song to me. A really fine melody to say good-bye to Emma Elisabeth.


Emma Elisabeth – Some Kind of Paradise – Spotify

Here is Some Kind of Paradise on Spotify:


Emma Elisabeth – Some Kind of Paradise – My View

Some Kind of Paradise is definitely a really nice album. Emma Elisabeth proof her storytelling qualities and her lovely ability to adopt her voice and create atmosphere. The album is also good on the instrumental. Sometimes, her 2022 release feels like a mainstream popper, while other songs go beyond that border in indie and alternative territory. The result is a very entertaining listen. in Stockholm

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