Mentally Blind – Stage: Zero

Mentally Blind - Stage: Zero



3.5/5 Pros

  • Some pretty good song
  • Nice different vocals Cons

  • Some sorts feel too long / too poor
  • Not the best song dramaturgy on all tracks

Mentally Blind are one of the key acts of the Polish metal scene. Despite being active since 2010 already and having quite some reputation on their domestic music market, Stage:Zero is their debut album. The band will release it on 10th February 2021.


Mentally Blind – About The Artists

Mentally Blind are a Polish metal band, who play a mix of Progressive Death Metal and Metalcore. They are active since 2010 and originally come from Zdunska Wola near Lodz, but are now based in Wroclaw. The current lineup is Filip Mierzkalski on the guitar, bass Marcin Wojtas, drummer Sebastian Jarus and singer Antek Olech. They already released two EPs, Where the End Begins (2013) and The Perception (2015). Stage: Zero is their debut album.


Mentally Blind – Stage: Zero – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Somewhere You’d Never Go

The album begins with the very melodic, but also powerful Somewhere You’d Never Go. The promo material of the album states lead singer Olech as one of the key factors why the band grew during the recent time in their home country – and apart from a lovely contrast of rather slow and powerful instrumental parts, the clear and characteristic vocals are definitely the most catching element of the song. Nice starter.

2. The Loop

The Loop is more powerful than the opener. The shouting and the guitars drive this fast track and are the backbone of this song. Here and there, the song is surprising with comparably gender and melodic intermissions. Good listen!

3. One For No One

One For No One is the first single published of this album. The characteristic melody at the inception of the song almost feel like a siren, which is opening for these powerful song. Definitely a song for the harder guitar lovers.

4. XYZ

I have to admit that I do love hard rock and metal, but I am not too much into metalcore. The more, I feel that songs of these genres need to be versatile, especially throughout the album. XYZ reminds me too strongly of The Loop. And I also feel it is just weaker the the previous song. Thus, I am not too fond of it

5. Saviour Self

Saviour Self is much more pleasing to me. I especially enjoy the battle of very different kinds of vocals, from shouting and dark sounds to very melodic parts. Good one, indeed!

6. 4AM In Nowhere

The 2:19 minute short instrumental interlude is not really adding value in my point of view. Towards the end it sounds like your stereo system got a defect. So better push the fast-forward beforehand.

7. Everything’s Great

Everything’s Great? I would not fully agree to it, but the song is definitely above average. Sometimes, the song is just too densely packed to me and different elements feel to overlap, especially at the beginning. The longer the song lasts, the more I get into the track and enjoy it, though. The hammering sound of the guitars is a lot of fun, though.

8. Traces

Traces has been the second single released by Mentally Blind. A rather slow track with an overall quite depressing mood. The vocals are quite special in here as well. Good song.

9. Beyond Me

The second last track on the album is the longest one of Stage: Zero, lasting 5:39 minutes. The song starts with about one minute of atmospheric parts, before quite suddenly the band is increasing the headbangability factor. Beyond Me does not catch me too much – in contrast to the just slightly shorter Somewhere You’d Never Go, it just feels a bit too long to me.

10. Stage Zero

The eponymous song is closing the album. It is rather on the metalcore side, using a lot of electronic sounds as well, sometimes having a quite choral character. Overall, the song rather feels like an outro than a full song.


Mentally Blind – Stage: Zero – Spotify

Here is Stage: Zero on Spotify:


Mentally Blind – Stage: Zero – My View

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Or: bang your head or grab a beer? There are definitely more reasons on Stage: Zero to move your Covid-19-extra-long fur to the rhythm of the music. But if Stage: Zero was a concert show, it would also have some pee breaks and time for a new drink or a stroll to the merch. Mentally Blind cannot make it to the top ratings – but it is a pretty solid one.


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