Junipa Gold – Something Divine EP

Junipa Gold - Something Divine



4.6/5 Pros

  • Signature sound
  • Good rock blending
  • Very versatile listen

Some cool rock from Austria: I ran into the EP by Junipa Gold on a promotion platform – already the first moments I listened to made me feel I should go for that review. Here is the result: my thoughts about Something Divine, which is released on 27th May 2022.


Junipa Gold – About The Artists

Junipa Gold are a band from Vorarlberg, the very Western part of Austria. The most prominent and present band member is likely lead singer Mia Berchthold. The other band members are Pascal Thaler (bass), Sascha Dimovski (guitar) and dummer Fabien Böckle. They are active since 2019. In that year, they already released a self-titled album.


Junipa Gold – Something Divine – Track by Track

The five track album lasts 22 minutes.

1. When The Kingdoms Collide

The five song EP starts with the straight, very powerful When The Kingdoms Collide. The song is a nice rocker with a slight alternative music signature. Mia’s voice is the catcher of the album, no doubt.

2. Raging River

The first three songs of the EP have been already featured, which is a bit of sad. Raging River starts slow, but then becomes a very rhythmic rock track. Berchthold is slightly less present. The chorus almost feels like a mantra. Cool recording.

3. Who’s Gonna Pay The Price

Mantra… The again and again repeated Release Myself feels like a mixture of the mantra of the song and a desperate request as well. The arrangement leads to a very intense listen. I am impressed about the maturity of the recording, having in mind that Junipa Gold just have a three year band history.

4. Something Divine

No Doubt meets folk – or something like that: the sound of Junipa Gold is really hard to catch – and that’s what you also recognize when it comes to the fourth track of the EP Something Divine. This very characteristic blend of sounds could be very helpful in the future.

5. Waste It

Again, Junipa Gold is throughtful, emotional, but also loud and rocking. Waste It is the musical show case for bassist Pascal Thaler, who is creating a nice groove. Just when you get into a blues rock mood, the shouting of Mia in the chorus pushes you into a very different direction. Cool.


Junipa Gold – Something Divine – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Junipa Gold – Something Divine – My View

Something Divine is indeed a cool listen. The sound of the band is so wide and versatile – but the Austrian thereby create their own signature. Definitely an EP very worth listening to – and which is just going straight into the Top Pick! spheres. and Austria

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