Leony – Somewhere in Between

Leony - Somewhere in Between



4.3/5 Pros

  • Fantastic B-side
  • Very nice, versatile album
  • Works great as a talent showcase for Leony Cons

  • Many known songs on the A-side

Leony is one of the most interesting emerging artists in the German pop music market. She is currently part of the jury of the talent show Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German equivalent to American Idol. The German artist is finally releasing her debut album on 24th March 2023. The volume is massive: the album includes 24 songs – quite a statement at that part of your career. Here is my review of Somewhere in Between.


Leony – About The Artist

Leony (civil name: Leonie Burger) was born on 25th June 1997 in Chammünster in Southern Germany. Her first major music appearance was in the TV talent show Rising Star, which she won in 2014 with her band Unknown Passenger. However, the band split up soon thereafter and Leony turned into a solo artist. She had quite some success, but changed her team again. This lead to significantly more success. Her singles Paradise (2020), Faded Love (2021) and Remedy (2022) have all been golden records in Germany and had good chart placements in her home country as well as in Austria.


Leony – Somewhere in Between – Track by Track

The 24 song double album lasts 61 minutes. Thereby, the first twelve songs are performed by / with Leony (33 minutes), the second set includes acoustic versions of songs she has (co-)written.

1. Say My Name

Want you to say my name. The opener of Leony’s debut is a typical electro-pop song with a nice potential for the dancefloor. The simple chorus is distracting a bit from the comparably complex lyrics and storytelling.

2. Somewhere in Between

This single release is rather a radio track than a dancefloor song to me. No matter at which opportunity you are consuming it finally – Leony makes you smile and feel good very likely.

Sometimes I wanna let go, let goStart over from the get go, get goThe role I’ve played I’ve outgrown, outgrownI’m somewhere in betweenSomewhere in between


3. Faded Love

As stated above, Faded Love, which practically a cover of Dragostea Din Tei, has been a golden record in Germany. is the key success factor that you can finally sing along to the song? But more than that, I just love to listen to this melody performed by Leony’s voice. Regarding its musical substance, it is not one of the best songs of the album – but it simply works out.

4. Raindrops (Intl. Version, with Katja Krasavice)

Leony supported Krasavice in her Raindrops, now they are joining forces in the Deutschland sucht den Superstar jury. The song comes with a nice melody. Nonetheless, the song does not catch me that much.

5. Remedy

While I am not a too big fan of the fourth track, Remedy is just a straight pop music blast. A song, which works in any occasion. Again, Leony creates pop magic with a very good pop production with some nice vibes. Nice change between rather quiet and rather rhythmic parts.

6. Holding On

I feel that the song is not that catching in the verses – but therefor, Leony and her team wrote a very present chorus with nice electro-synth melodies. The song may feel a bit too simple, but the production is on point. And it works well – that’s what pop music is all about.

7. Love On the Line (with VIZE)

Love On the Line opes a block of three songs, in which Leony supported other artists. The song has a nice vibe, the melody makes me think of folk music, but the rhythm is too present. Very nice track.

8. Friendships (Lost My Love) (with Pascal Letoublon)

The eighth track is a typical pop track, which Leony recorded in collaboration with French producer Pascal Letoublon. A decent song to hang out – but I like other songs more.

9. Far Away From Home (with Sam Feldt & VIZE)

This song only comes with ten million streams on YouTube and over 100m (!) listens on Spotify. The summer vibe track released in June 2021 thereby feels very familiar – the chorus has a very catching structure.

10. Lifeline

Especially as the following song Crazy Love is an already known collaboration again, I am very thankful for this track, Lifeline. The solo songs just tell much more about about Leony’s talent to me. The German is recording a piano ballad here, which just in his last part also works with rhythmic elements. To me, the emotional highlight of the first half of tracks.

11. Crazy Love (with Toby Romeo)

Crazy Love is one of the nicest collaborations of the album. However, the recording is also working with a lot of technical assistance. The more effects, auto tune and other effects are added to Leony’s voice, the more arbitrary she becomes. That’s the business – but it feels like a shame to me in here.

12. Shooting Stars

You need another good mood party track? I am sure that this song will boost Leony’s fans in her upcoming shows in Germany and Austria (see below). Straight party popper.


Acoustic Versions


1. Never Let Me Down

To say with the very first track of the acoustic block already: the album is boosted by this second block of a dozen songs massively. Without them, Somewhere in Between would be a well-produced, remarkable electro-pop debut. These acoustic version create a lot of depth, they illustrate the skills and talents of Leony much more than the studio-pop versions. Never Let Me Down, which has been released by VIZE and Tom Gregory in 2020, is simply such a beauty as a piano track with Leony’s lovely voice. Love it!

2. Remedy

The second acoustic track, Remedy, is one of the tracks, where the transformation from a dance-pop song to a gentle piano ballad is working best. Punch me, is this really the same song? I liked the first twelve songs, but now I am having deeper feelings.

3. One Last Time

It feels a bit of weird, when Leony is singing We gonna dance, dance, dance through the night… and there is nothing but her voice and the piano. Very soon, you don’t miss the rhythm any more. Or Enny-Mae, who originally performed this song with Vize and R3hab. Another magical moment.

4. White Lies

White Lies is a song which Vize recorded with nobody else but Tokio Hotel. And Leony was one of the co-writes again. Even on the piano, the song has a really nice drive. Nice.

5. Faded Love

While I struggle a bit with the Faded Love radio version, as it is so close to the original song, Faded Love is just amazing me. There have been so many Dragostea Din Tei cover versions since the song has been released in 2023 – this one is definitely one of their finest.

6. Paradise

Paradise is the first song on this second half of the album, which also introduces acoustic guitar strums. Overall, I feel that this one is not as magical as other tracks.

7. Thank You (Not so Bad)

These two minutes confuse me a bit. There has been a cover of this Dido song by Vize and Felix Jaehn some three years ago. But this acoustic version is much closer to the recording you will typically have in mind, by Dido.

8. Bad Love

Another song which has been performed by Tokio Hotel in original. Leony’s name is in the credits… and thus, the song is on this album. Beautiful and very different way to digest this release.

9. Cross My Mind

The song was originally performed by Noon, Wankelmut and Marie Bothmer. Again, it feels so beautiful to have a very different viewpoint on this song. Love it.

10. Above and Beyond

This piano version feels surprisingly groovy. Still not ready for a dance, but definitely not too bad at all.

11. Working Title

Leony was featured on this release by Alott in July 2021. This acoustic version has a lovely dramatic and intense touch. Great to listen to her and be amazed by her sound.

12. No Hard Feelings

The closing song is rather in line with many of the tracks before. Having the focus on Leony’s voice works again. This time with guitar backing.


Leony – Somewhere in Between – Spotify

With this widget, you can listen to the album on Spotify:


Leony – Somewhere in Between – My View

The message of Somwhere in Between is clear: Leony is a great pop vocalist and also a great writer, music creation collaborator. The album shall strengthen her profile and work as a next step, like all the collaborations and the TV presence. That strategy may be very clear, but it works out. And Leony presents 24 songs. Unfortunately, we know quite a lot of them already, in regards of the A-side. Thus, the B-side is finally the real reason to listen to the album.


Leony – Live 2023 – Tour Dates

Leony is headlining a tour for the first time in her career. Seven dates are in Germany, plus Vienna in Austria:

Sa 20.05.2023 Frankfurt (Germany) – Zoom
So 21.05.2023 Hamburg – Gruenspan
Mo 22.05.2023 Cologne – Gloria Theater
Th 25.05.2023 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann
Fr 26.05.2023 Dresden – Tante JU
So 28.05.2023 Vienna (Austria) – SIMM City
Mo 29.05.2023 Munich (Germany) – Ampere Club
Tu 30.05.2023 Berlin – Columbia Theater


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