Justine Blazer – Joy!

Justine Blazer - Joy!



4.0/5 Pros

  • Nice Christmas pop
  • Easy, fluent listen Cons

  • Weird (or genius?) release timing

Do you feel Santa coming soon already? During the last years, typically in early to mid-September, Nashville started to release the first Christmas songs. This is also the time when I start workng on my Country Christmas Playlists, which I featured in 2021 and 2022 (and will do this year again). Thus, I was not overwhelmingly surprised when I received a promo mail on 24th July stating that there is a new holiday season album release. As I feel that Justine Blazer and her Joy! is truly the first Santa Clause and friends compilation of 2023, I felt to share it with you instead of my typical Wednesday album preview. Ho, ho, ho, Justine! Let’s see if you have been naughty or nice in the recording studio.


Justine Blazer – About The Artist

Justine Blazer is originally from Detroit. However, she is nowadays living in Nashville, where she is not only working as an artist, but also as a composer and producer. She is majorly doing pop music. The first album I found of her is the 2005 Passion in Me. The same year, she also released a Christmas album, Just a Justine Christmas. In 2021, she added another holiday long play, Jolly!.


Justine Blazer – Joy! – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Welcome To December

It’s a season to remember – welcome to December, followed by jingle bells and plushy melodies… It definitely feels a bit of weird to listen to these tunes in the hot July summer, where Southern European temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. The song is an easy pop listen, driving by the drums and the bells. It feels like Christmas – just a bit too early.

2- Happy Little Holiday

Hope you had a holiday – this even feels a bit more weird than the holiday. If you just shift your mindset away from the somewhat chorologic schizophrenia, you listen to an enjoyable Christmas song with a nice sway and even some country music vibes. That’s how they feel about x-mas in Music City – they are just a bit ahead of time.

3. Going Home With Santa

The style of the Christmas songs in here remind me of Mariah Carey’s festive one, Merry Christmas (at least the pop song side of it). You have easy listen with holiday-inspired stories. The songs might not be too deep, but they do spread a certain Christmas spirit. Should I already start thinking about the right presents for my beloved ones?

4. More December

The fourth song comes with some flute tunes and guitar sounds. Overall, the songs do not spread the fun and spirit of the songs before. More December does not work as well as its predecessors in my point of view.

5. You’re My Christmas

You’re my Christmas,
You’re my Christmas,
The magic that season brings Is wonderful
But honestly it’s not the same
Without you

The album is back to the easy-to-listen, good-to-sing pop song style. I feel it works out well. You won’t receive a Grammy Award for songs like You’re my Christmas, but it does have the clear potential to make quite a bunch of listeners smile.

6. Sleigh Bells Slaying My Heart

This 2:46 minute listen is having a slight R&B pop touch. Nonetheless, it feels to work out nicely. Give the song a swaying main vibe and some bells in the background and there are the first snowflakes in our heart. And sleigh bells in our mind. Nice.

7. Kitty Kat Christmas

Meow! This song is indeed starting with the curring of a cat. The wish explained in this song is rather straightforward thereafter – Just want a kitty kat kind of Christmas. And the reason is given as well – A kitty kat Christmas is the perfect Christmas. The nice, slow melody does turn this song into a rather nice listen.

8. Get You Some Christmas Love

The groove of this song at the beginning reminds me of Lou Reed’s legendary Walk on the Wild Side. Indeed, the cool, groovy sound with the bells and pop ease put on top turns Get You Some Christmas Love into one of the best songs of the album. I definitely love it and look forward to listen to it in a few months again.

9. Wrap Me Up

Dancing next to the Christmas tree? Wrap Me Up might be the right one for your party. The song is a catch. Very straight and non-surprising holiday pop… Which is working out very well.

10. The Christmas Spell

The intense piano track The Christmas Spell closes the album. It is a really nice very other aspect of Justine Blazer’s music. And I feel it is a perfect fit to the songs before. Goosebumps are possible while listen – this one is one of the album’s most finest ones.


Justine Blazer – Joy! – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Justine Blazer – Joy! – My View

I already made sufficient comments about the timing of the release. If you manage to get yourself into the holiday mood for half an hour, Joy! is a nice listen right for that purpose. The songs are not too deep, but it is also another new version of Silent Night or other classics. I like it – and look forward to listen to the album in a couple of months again. about Christmas

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