About the Project

Welcome to!

What is Finally, it is just a combination of “flying” and “victory”, which describes the two key elements of the blog: reports about travelling and sports reports, mainly sports pictures.

Though the combination seems to be quite strange, a lot of sports coverages is only possible by travelling. Over time, my priorities and interests moved from sports to travelling – this lead to the idea of combining sports and travel reports in one blog.

Hope you like the combination!

Social Media Strategy

Compared to, I will try to improve the social media strategy. So far, I just worked with Facebook, but I will try to add some social media in the future – excuse me if the postings there are still a bit lonely. My idea for now is to use

  • Facebook to update you on new articles, maybe also having some polls etc.
  • Twitter also majorly for updates and discussion
  • Instagram will have picture contents which I do not necessarily plan to put on the blog itself

You also find the links on top of the website.

Independence and Compliance

I am very focussed on that any review on will always reflect my honest opinion. Especially for travel reviews, the attraction, airline or accomodation shall not know about a potential posting beforehand. However, if I took benefits of any kind during or after the article, I will state that in the article. This will however not influence my judgement on the stage reviewed. I will also only review locations or events if I have sufficient time to evaluate them. In the beginning of Flyctory, that meant that I rate hotels only after two nights of stays minimum. I now decided to also allow for one-night stays, but will explicitly mention that in the review itself.