Manntra – Kreatura

Manntra - Kreatura



4.6/5 Pros

  • Wider sound than in the album before
  • Great writes
  • Very catching songs

I unfortunately don’t feature music from Croatia too frequently on The more I was happy to run into the album Kreatura by the band Manntra from Umag, the second time I review an album of this band. The release is already the band’s third album, publication date is 5th August 2022.

Manntra – About The Artists

Manntra have been founded in 2011. The folk metal and rock band emerged from an industrial metal band called Omega Lithium, who had released two albums. Singer Marko Matjevic Sekul is the longest active band member in the current lineup. Drummer Andrea Kert is also active since 2011. The other band members are Dorian Pavlovic (guitar, backing vocals) and Zoltan Lecei (bass, flute, backing vocals). In 2021, Manntra had two major releases. In March 2021, I featured their album Monster Mind Consuming. Later, they added the EP Nightcall.


Manntra – Kreatura – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Volhov

The first track is already paving the route for the whole Kreatura album. The song starts with stomping rhythm and strumming guitars. Especially in the chorus, Volhov is a fascinating listen. The song is about the God of the Underworld in the Croatian mythology, by the way.

2. Nightmare

The Croatians did a great choice to pick this one as their first single release. On the one hand, there is the dark sound, rhythmic guitar riffs and a lot of rock power. On the other hand, the chorus is very melodic, almost a bit of symphonic. This part also adds a nice folk touch and the lei-lei-lei allows you to be part of the song experience. Cool one.

3. Tanz

Tanz describes a game, a battle between a hunter and a hunted. Tanz (“Dance”) is in fact the only world in German language in this song. Again, the chorus is making you move to the music. Really enjoy the song.

4. Devour

Marko is growling Devour with his dark voice in the verses. The more, he feels like an angel in the pre-chorus. The song is a bit slower and comes with some nice keyboard parts as well. The song presents very different aspects, some parts even feel like an acoustic guitar folk song. Good listen.

5. Königsmord

The staccato theme of Königsmord leads to a very special atmosphere in this song. If you wonder about the title – Manntra are really going for a German chorus. This actually works not too bad – and if you don’t speak the language, Manntra give you some relief in the (English) verses. Great song.

6. Black

Your heart turns black
Your blood gets cold
When it starts to snow
And your soul
Made of gold
Turns to dirt
And then I know

Black is a lovely dark rock ballad. Very impressive sound, which gets a light touch by the guitar solo. The chorus simply stays in your mind.

7. Kreatura

Here we go – the title track. Or… Oh, damn, it is just 42 second interlude. Nice way to focus on it.

8. Silvermoon

Silvermoon takes you to the Medieval ages. People believed in all kinds of dark and frightening creatures. The song even has a touch of metalcore. Maja Kolaric as a backing vocalists adds a lot of value to this this.

9. Not Guilty

Even if these parts always tend to be a bit too simple, Not Guilty again comes with an amazingly catching element at the end of the chorus. Again, it’s the band’s female bassist who is leading to a special touch. One of my favorites.

10. Oblivion

Oblivion, which is starting with very traditional instrumental sounds, before the electric guitars and the drummer take over a major part of the melodic lead. A very nice addition and different style in the album.

11. Secret

Secret is a bit too electronic to me in the verses. The chorus is a cool one, though.

12. So Ist Das Leben

The song has been co-written by Michael Robert Rhein, who you might know better as “Das letzte Einhorn”, singer of the German band In Extremo. This powerful ballad allows Manntra to close their 2022 release with a massive power ballad blast.


Manntra – Kreatura – Spotify

Here is Kreatura on Spotify:


Manntra – Kreatura – My View

I really liked Monster Mind Consuming, but Manntra even lift my emotions to another level with Kreatura. The new lineup of the band adds a lot more options. Kreatura absolutely reflects that. Great listen!


Manntra – Kreatura Germany Tour 2022

After playing a few festivals, Manntra are headlining a bunch of shows in Germany towards the end of the year. The band also lists a gig at the Medieval-style Christmas Market in Dortmund on 26th December 2022, which I cannot confirm yet.

Th 17.11.2022 Oberhausen – Kulttempel
Fr 18.11.2022 Hamburg – Logo
Sa 19.11.2022 Berlin – Badehaus
Fr 25.11.2022 Hanover – Subkultur
Sa 26.11.2022 Frankfurt – Nachtleben
So 27.11.2022 Munich – Backstage Club
Fr 02.12.2022 Leipzig – Moritzbastei
Sa 03.12.2022 Stuttgart – Club Zentral
Mo 26.12.2022 Dortmund – PLWM (Christmas Market)


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