Stefanie Heinzmann – Labyrinth

Stefanie Heinzmann - Labyrinth



4.8/5 Pros

  • Catching, well produced pop track
  • Deep lyrics

Since Stefanie Heinzmann won a TV talent show format in 2008, she is a well-known artist in the German speaking countries. The Swiss soul and pop singer is currently very present in another popular TV show format, Sing meinen Song (“Sing My Song”). Not that surprising, that promotion is an excellent opportunity to release an album (in line with the albums by JORIS and the Mighty Oaks I reviewed recently. The release date is 14th May 2021.

Stefanie Heinzmann – About The Artist

Stefanie Fabienne Heinzmann was born on 10th March 1989 in Visp-Eyholz. She started as a singer of a Swiss German singing rock band, BigFisch, which grew some local attention. In 2008, she won a German TV talent show, which was a reaction by former Eurovision Song Contest artist Stefan Raab. With the show SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD, he criticized the German version of American IdolDeutschland sucht den Superstar (see my 2021 review of the show). Heinzmann was the first Swiss artist ever winning a talent show also televised in Germany.

In the year of that victory, she released her debut album Masterplan, which topped the Swiss charts and received a platinum record there. The album climbed up to the third spot in Germany and the fifth one in Austria, of course mainly driven by her show winning track, My Man Is a Mean Man (which was a Swiss chart topper as well). Especially in her home country, Heinzmann stayed very popular. None of her five albums had a worse peak ranking than fourth and stayed in the charts for less than 19 weeks. In Germany, she had a little less success, but also has a faithful fan base. All of her albums went into the Top 20 in here as well. Labyrinth is her sixth studio album.


Stefanie Heinzmann – Labyrinth – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Labyrinth

Don‘t you know that you‘ve been pushing too hard
And the anchor has been cut from your heart
Don‘t you know that you‘ve gone three steps too far
Caught up in the spiderweb of strings inside your mind

The album starts powerful with the title track. A very rhythmic pop track. To me, it even comes with the power of a rock song, though it is in fact rather a synth-popper. The song is also coming with that special magic that you can easily remember it and sing along to it. Stefanie Heinzmann spreads a good feeling in the opener.

2. Best Life

The second song was the last single release before the album. There is still a clear pop rhythm, but there is also a nice focus on the lyrics. The story is not that thin as in other songs – one thing which definitely makes me to listen these songs much more.

Are we
Living and living and living and living our best life
Why we
Giving and giving it all looking good on the outside
Why we waiting and wishing and hoping
Baby we’re Missing the moment
Should be
Living and living
and living and living our best life

3. Would You Still Love Me

Would You Still Love Me is a very energetic, very modern pop track. A song in which Heinzmann reflects whether she is loved for what she is, not for her success, her environment. I am not that much a modern pop listener, but this one is a great one.

4. Knocking Down The Wall

I built a wall to keep me all safe // But then a wall turned into a cage. The song reminds me of the pop tracks by Taylor Swift. Very straight and good lyrics, a cheeky sound and topics you can relate to. A very professionally recorded song. Stefanie Heinzmann and her team did great here – again.

I’m knocking down the wall, knocking down the wall
I’m stronger than before, stronger than before
Won’t let it hold me back
Won’t get stuck in my head
I’m knocking down the wall, knocking down the wall

5. Face The Music

The song starts a bit of slow-ish, but latest when Stefanie Heinzmann is stating Cos I didn’t know I could dance like this, the first line of the chorus, she is back in this fascinating modern pop song thing. I still enjoyed the four songs before better, but it is a happy pop track, which really makes you smile and move. Ain’t that the mission of pop?

6. Better Than Nothing

Something is better than nothing is the key message of this track. A song about a bumpy relationship – but it is still feels worth investing into it.

7. Colors

Colors has been the first “appetizer” for Labyrinth, when the single has been released in October. The song has a decent soul-ish groove, I love the guitar sounds in the background. A nice track with a nice different touch.

8. You’re Not Alone

I was not that much into You’re Not Alone when I listened to the song for the first time. But the song about initially wanted to adopt to “mainstream” but then more and more find your own way got me more and more. Even though the song is the shortest on Labyrinth, it comes with a strong message.

9. Believe

The second last song is one of the most catching track of the album to me. The I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe (which is referring to the power of love) is almost feeling like a prayer – but the song is a straight pop song.

10. Life Goes On

It’s always dark before the dawn
But better days are gonna come
Cuz life goes on
Life goes on

Labyrinth closes with that very motivating, empowering message. The song is a bit of slower than others – overall, a nice way to finish these ten tracks with the Swiss pop artist.


Stefanie Heinzmann – Labyrinth – Spotify

Here is Labyrinth on Spotify:


Stefanie Heinzmann – Labyrinth – My View

Swiss pop artist – or already Swiss pop queen? If you think about Taylor Swift’s pop masterpieces a couple of times while listening to Labyrinth, Heinzmann can’t have done a that-bad job. The songwriting is great, her team has done an excellent job producing this album. I am especially impressed by the lyrics. I highly recommend a listen, even if you are not a die-hard pop buff.


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