Etaoin – Bedroom Walls EP

Etaoin - Bedroom Walls



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great voice
  • Really nice lyrics Cons

  • Too short / just four songs
  • Very narrow style of songs

If two of your first three singles already made about a quarter million streams each on Spotify, you are likely either lucky or talented. I guess the second applies to Etaoin from Ireland definitely. Completing her collection of song releases with a fourth one, she is sharing her debut EP Bedroom Walls with us. Release date is the 30th April 2021.


Etaoin – About The Artist

Etaoin Rowe is a young London artist with Irish roots. She already spent her childhood between the British capital and her home country. At the age she won some Irish music competitions already – in the adult category. Unfortunately, I could not find any music videos other than the songs to be released / included on the EP.


Etaoin – Bedroom Walls – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 13 minutes

1. I Dare You

If you want to drag my name, and
Rip my clothes, then take your aim
Oh-ooh, I dare you
Oooh, I dare you

The opener song already gives an idea what this EP is alike: a powerful, very characteristic voice with a limited instrumental arrangement. Vice versa, this young lady just does not need more than her six-string to be impressive.

2. For Her

In contrast to I Dare You, the new release For Her feels finer, more fragile. That also leads to a more direct, private touch of the song. Cool listen.

3. Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls is Etaoin’s most listened to song on Spotify so far.

I’ve been talking to my bedroom walls
‘Cause I never had the guts to call
When I wonder how you’re doing
Yeah, I’ve been having conversations with
Every burden that’s been hanging off of my back
Boy, you didn’t have to do it

Ain’t that a situation you can easily relate to? Really love these songs.

4. Pale Damp Cheeks

Etaoin’s second single Pale Damp Cheeks is a lovely finish of the EP. Unfortunately, it feels a bit too close to the opener to me. Her voice is just impressive.


Etaoin – Bedroom Walls – Spotify

Here is Bedroom Walls on Spotify:


Etaoin – Bedroom Walls – My View

It’s just four songs, it is a bit of short – but Bedroom Walls shows the great potential of this artist. I really loved to listen to her Bedroom Walls debut collection of songs. To me, some more different moods, some more different songs would turn it into a real must-listen. But it is definitely a great statement of talent.


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