Bad Temper Joe – Glitter & Blues

Bad Temper Joe - Glitter & Blues



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very nice blues album with influences by other genres
  • Two very interesting duets

After I loved his 2021 album One Can Wreck It All, I was really excited to see that there will be a new Bad Temper Joe release on 25th November 2022. The name of the album by the German blues is Glitter & Blues. I had a listen.


Bad Temper Joe – About The Artist

Bad Temper Joe is an artist from Bielefeld in West Germany. He has won several awards including the International Blues Challenge in Memphis 2020. A British magazine stated about his music “It’s hard to believe that the sounds of the Mississippi-Delta have relocated to Germany, but they have.” Glitter & Blues is Bad Temper Joe’s eighth studio album.


Bad Temper Joe – Glitter & Blues – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Glitter & Blues

The title track is opening the album. The song does have a blues heart, but overall rather feels like a slow country music track. The song has a beautiful instrumental part in the middle of the track. Promising listen, indeed.

2. Cold Feet

Glitter & Blues has been a rather slow listen, but Cold Feet is decreasing the pace even more. Bad Temper Joe feels like a storyteller in a very intense listen. Apart from some guitar strumming and some slow drumming, the background organ is creating most of the intense atmosphere.

3. Pink Panther

Speaking of key instruments, the Pink Panther is driven by piano and steel guitar sounds. This may sound like a very country-alike listen again, but Bad Temper Joe definitely focuses on his blues heart in here. A rather joyful and speedy listen after the slow starters.

4. Long Gone Friend Blues

Songs like Long Gone Friend Blues are somehow the heart of the German’s work. That’s when the Mississippi Delta felt to have moved to East Westphalia in Germany. Luckily a tiny little European accent tells you that there has not been a relocation, but just a song recorded by extraordinary talent.

5. She’s Got A Hold On Me

The press kit of Glitter & Blues names Bad Temper Joe a “grumpy artist”. Easy and happy sounding melodies like She’s Got A Hold On Me make you feel that there is a good heart in the grumpy blues man. The song is rather repetitive, but nicely works with the typical blues vibes.

6. Travel Light

The sixth song Travel Light is a duet with a female voice. Unfortunately, I could not spot any information about the duet voice. The 2:44 minute track is a very enjoyable addition to the other songs on the album. Lovely listen.

7. All Over Again

The sound of All Over Again is again rather pointing towards country music vibes. The slow song comes with a jazz-alike rhythm. Very intense, slow track, which – again – is driven by beautiful storytelling. One of my favorites on Bad Temper Joe’s 2022 release.

8. Fountain Of Weakness

Have you ever felt alone?
Felt the sweat on your skin getting cold?
Felt the pain in your eyes?
Your faults cover the truth with lies.

The track focuses on the raspy voice of Bad Temper Joe. The instruments feel to play on a repeated loop for most of the time. This creates a great focus on the lyrics and the story. It’s not as simple as a song – very dramatic and memorable listen and definitely one of the most special parts of the album.

9. Two Trains (Runnin’ Different Ways)

The ninth song is the only one which has been released as a single so far. The “appetizer” comes with strong, marching verses and a very melodic, almost a bit of pop-alike chorus. The highlight of the listen is definitely the very virtuously played guitar, though.

10. If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk… Bad Temper Joe goes for a great blues music variation in here. Blues with a very energetic, almost soulful touch. Great listen.

11. This Time Last Night

The eleventh song is another duet with a female artist. The song has a bit of a Christmas song touch to me. Overall, I feel that Travel Light works better as a collaboration. This Time Last Night is a nonetheless a good listen.

12. Who Are You

Who Are You is a slow, emotional track at the end of the album. The song has a beautiful vibe, the organ chords create a melancholic mood. Just like a farewell has to feel alike.


Bad Temper Joe – Glitter & Blues – Spotify

Here is Glitter & Blues on Spotify:


Bad Temper Joe – Glitter & Blues – My View

Bad Temper Joe did another really good and versatile blues album. Especially the country-alike tracks and the two duets lead to a very entertaining and catching listen, which does not get boring at all. Nonetless, I feel that One Can Wreck It All was the – slightly – better album.


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