Songs Of The Week (week of 6th October 2023)

Maybe, due to the national holiday in Germany, the list of new songs was rather short on the platform I typically use for my Songs of the Week. Good luck for me, likely – I am still quite exhausted from my trip to Japan. This time, I present you a rather pop-dominated list of songs – but there are some cool rockers in here as well.


The Strumbellas – Hold Me

The leading act this week is from Canada, precisely from Toronto. The Strumbellas are doing folk-pop. The sextet had quite some success in the mid-2010’s, when their album Hope was a golden record in Canada and the single Spirits even was a triple platinum each in their home country and in Italy as well as a platinum record in Germany. Hold Me is having a lovely catch.


Mike Shinoda – Already Over

The second song on this week’s list is by the US-American artist Marc Shinoda, one of the founding members of Linkin Park. There is a touch of that band in his new release Already Over. Straight, good rocker.


Joshville – Küss mich nur einmal

If you are a country music fan in Germany, you just have to love Joshville – even if he is rather heading towards schlager. In his latest release the Rheinland artist is asking to “Just kiss me one time” – who could deny that after listening to this song?


Luca Hänni feat. Sunlike Brothers – Fire

For his latest pop release, Swiss Luca Hänni is pairing up with the German-Swiss producer team Sunlike Brothers. The song comes with a really nice beat, but still nicely focuses on his vocal qualities.


Jennie – You & Me

Jennie Kim is one of the four current members of the very successful Korean pop band Blackpink. The Seoul-born artist is rapping and singing at Blackpink – You & Me sounds very international. Great pop sound.


Chromeo – Personal Effects

Already on Monday, the electro-funk duo Chromeo released their groovy Personal Effects. I really like the sound of this track. The Montreal and New York City-based project is already releasing music since 2004.


Cher – DJ Play A Christmas Song

Haven’t you already missed the Christmas songs? Especially on the country music side, I am rather amazed that there are few releases so far. Cher is pushing forward with her new single release and postulates that it is time for Last Christmas and its peers. It sounds very Cher-alike when she does so.


Jubel – Don’t Kill My Vibe

In fact, there is a trema on top of the name of the Swedish electro-pop duo. The Halmstad project already had quite some success in Scandinavia – they just present the ease of Swedish pop so beautifully. I have to move to the rhythm of Don’t Kill My Vibe.


Holly Humberstone – Kissing in Swimming Pools

I recently featured the song Into Your Room by British pop artist Holly Humberstone in my Songs of the Week. Since that 22nd September 2023 edition of my weekly series, just two weeks have passed and sheis back with Kissing in Swimming Pools. Another really nice track.


The Gaslight Anthem – Autumn

The is some more rock in my this week’s posting. The Gaslight Anthem from New Brunswick do a rather dark sound with their latest release Autumn. After being quite successful in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, it feels that they could start something big again with their new album.


Myrath – Heroes

Myrath are a metal band from Tunisia. They recently announced that their new album Karma will be released in February 2024. The single release Heroes feels very promising.


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