Saturnus – The Storm Within

Saturnus - The Storm Within



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very balanced style
  • Beautiful melodic elements
  • Straight, good listen

Saturnus haven’t been active in the record stores for quite a while. The Scandinavian’s released their previous album Saturn in Ascension in 2012. On 16th June 2023, there are new tunes from the metal band, named The Storm Within.


Saturnus – About the Artists

Saturnus is a doom metal / death doom metal  band from Denmark. They have been founded in 1991 as Assessino and changed name to the current one in 1993. The lead singer is Thomas Akim Gronbaek Jensen, who is a founding member of the band as well as bassist Brian Hansen, who had a hiatus between 1999 and 2007. The list of former band members is rather long. The current lineup is Julio Fernandez, Indee Rehal-Sagoo (all guitar), Mika Filborne (keys), and drummer Henrik Glass.  The Storm Within is the band’s fifth album-


Saturnus – The Storm Within – Track by Track

The seven song album lasts 59 minutes.

1. The Storm Within

If you solely feel like listening to the first two songs of the album, you should have the nex 22:30 minutes of your life without any major obligation. The first of these two epics is the title track, which is investing some three minutes, before the guitars are going for the harder riff and a brief growling by Jensen welcomes the listener. However, that’s also the kick off to a very good song, which is not the hardest doom metal rocker, but beautifully presents melodic and narrative elements.

2. Chasing Ghosts

The single release Chasing Ghosts is just a few seconds shorter than the opener. Again, Saturnus are playing it rather slow at the beginning and then develop beautiful guitar riffs on top of the melodic atmosphere. Overall, Chasing Ghosts feels slightly more energetic to me than the opener, but has a very similar character, compared to The Storm Within. Lovely listen.

3. The Calling

After these two tracks, the seven minute song The Calling almost feels like a brief mainstream track. The Danes feel to be under time pressure, as the introducing part is rather short and the band is heading right into the main part of the song. Overall, there is more vocal presence and rocking drive in this track. Cool.

4. Even Tide

Even Tide comes with the most beautiful beginning to me. The song is very gentle, narrative and melodic to me. It feels like Saturnus is taking you into the land of a fairy tale. A lovely element in this seven song recording, which does not feel like metal at all and is thus even heartwarming to people who would typically not listen to a metal album.

5. Closing The Circle

Closing The Circle is a symphonic track, which again delivers some more elements foe metal lovers. Nonetheless, Saturnus is also having some really nice melodic parts in this one. Good one.

6. Breathe New Life

Especially at the beginning, Breathe New Life is more powerful. Henrik Glass delivers a clear, stomping rhythm, the guitars are strumming. Very good one – may I use the word “short” in regards of that song? The 5.28 minutes are indeed the briefest listen of the album.

7. Truth

Truth is one of my favorites. If there is something like a doom metal ballad, this song would fall into it. Saturnus works with typical metal elements, the track still has a certain level of gentleness. A lovely finale.


Saturnus – The Storm Within – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Saturnus – The Storm Within – My View

The Storm Within feels very balanced. You have the impression that Saturnus are deeply satisfied with what they have achieved and what they did achieve with the album. It is a calm and straight listen, which does not need to scare you in order to please you. I love it.


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