Dustin Lynch – Killed The Cowboy

Dustin Lynch - Killed The Cowboy



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very nice country music album
  • Nice range of tracks
  • Very good second half of the album Cons

  • Some weaker songs

In February 2022, I presented the previous album by Dustin Lynch, Blue In The Sky. On 29th September 2023, the Tennessee-origin artist is back with a new one, Killed The Cowboy. Let’s see if he indeed did a killer sound with his sixth studio album overall.


Dustin Lynch – About The Artist

Dustin Charles Lynch was born on 14th May 1985 in Tullahome, TN, USA. He did play the guitar in young ages, but then stopped it to come back in teenage years. With his home town not being too far away from Nashville, he participated at a Bluebird Cafe open mic at the age of 16 already and got good reactions. However, it took him some additional ten years to turn into a professional artist. The more, he already did great with his self-titled debut album. Released in August 2012, it later topped the US Country and US Indie Album Charts. Any of his albums so far went into the Top 9 US Country Album Charts, at least. I shared two albums with you. Apart from Blue In The Sky already mentioned, you also find my thoughts about the 2020 Tullahoma on my blog. Numerous Dustin Lynch songs topped the US Country Airplay Single Charts as well. However, after Dustin LynchBlue In The Sky has been the first album who did not do so a single time.


Dustin Lynch – Killed The Cowboy – Track by Track

The twelve song playlist lasts 38 minutes.

1. Killed The Cowboy

The title track opens the 2023 album. The song comes with a comparably slow touch. The chorus, though, is coming with rocking guitars and stomping drums, which undeniably create a nice touch.

2. Honky Tonk Heartbreaker

The second track Honky Tonk Heartbreaker gives you what the title is promising – a song with some country party potential. The song is a solid one, but you won’t kill the whiskey storage of a Nashville Broadway bar with it. Nice hook, though.

3. George Strait Jr.

She got me feeling like George Strait Jr tonight – the third track is a typical country music song. Nice reference to legendary country musicians, love, a girl – that’s what this genre needs. To me, this is one of the best writes of the album. Straight, rather mainstream recording, which stays in your mind.

4. Chevrolet (feat. Jelly Roll)

Just two of the twelve tracks have been featured before the album release – this collaboration with Nashville-born Jelly Roll is one of them. Not the typical Music City duet, but a really nice track with a very unique flavor.

5. If I Stop Drinkin’

The problem is if I stop drinkin’, baby, I start thinking, baby… Yeah, these kind of lyrics are definitely in the comfort zone of Nashville songwriting, but they are a bit too much for me. Even if it is finally just another way to combine the typical love song and drinking things. If you don’t think about the morale dimension, the song is actually a rather nice one, though.

6. Only Girl In This Town

The sixth song is leaning towards the slower, swaying and emotional style again. If you are looking for that kind of country music romance, Only Girl In This Town will definitely touch and do a good job for you.

7. Breakin’ Up Down

The three minute song Breakin’ Up Down starts a bit of lame, but then more and more develops towards a decent listen. However, it can not develop the same intense touch as other tracks on this album.

8. Trouble With This Truck

Oh, we did not have trucks on this album yet, did we? Trouble With This Truck is a nice country-pop track, which is driven by the present rhythm and the guitars. The song has a nice vibe and makes you move to the drumming – which is never a really bad thing, is it? I could imagine that this one is a good setlist pick for future Dustin Lynch concerts.

9. Blue Lights

Blue Lights opens the last third of the album. The opening comes with very atmospheric guitar usage, the groove of the song feels very hip hop alike, even though there are no spoken words in this song. The whole setting is very intense and modern. I really like it.

10. Lone Star

This final section of the album comes with some gems. To me, Lone Star is one of them. It is a mid-tempo song, which is focusing nicely on the chorus. Good one.

11. Listen To The Radio

That’s a typical country music nowadays, ain’t it? You just cannot deny it is working. Not sure how long it stays in your mind, for the moment, it definitely gets the job done and makes you sing-a-long to the song and smile.

12. Long Way Home

The first notes of Long Way Home feel a bit more traditional. The song is rather short (2:42 minutes, but it does create a lovely vibe and makes you enjoy the last moments of the Killed The Cowboy album. Finally, the chucker-out is my favorite song.


Dustin Lynch – Killed The Cowboy – Spotify

Here is Killed The Cowboy on Spotify:


Dustin Lynch – Killed The Cowboy – My View

Killed The Cowboy is a good album. The first half of the album just does have some weak spots, which prevents it from being even better. Especially the last songs of the album leave a very positive and pleasing feeling, though.

Favorite Song: Long Way Home


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