X: THC – Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight

X: THC - Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight



3.6/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic sound, well produced
  • Wide range of tracks Cons

  • Quality of songs differs too strongly

Synthpop? Post-Punk? New Wave? It is really hard to describe the genre created by the duo X: THC. They reached out to me, promoting the release of their new album Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight. I really loved the idea to have this new flavor of sound on the blog and thus share my thoughts with you. Release date is 19th November 2021.


X: THC – About The Artists

X: THC is a New York-based duo. The two band members are Michael Nova (lyrics and vocals) as well as Christopher Andrew Liang, named Ninjaboy, who is working on the music programming side of the project. The band name thereby means X: The Human Condition. The duo has already produced a sound for a TV series. This 2021 is their second album release, both are in parallel successful in commercial music. Part of the band concept is by the way also to donate a share of their revenue to charity projects.


X: THC – Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 37 minutes.

Fall Down Seven Times Rise Up Eight

1. A Tale Of Two Cities

The opener is a very atmospheric song with a strong synth-pop touch and a bit of lounge music. The chorus is very catching, though. Promising beginning.

2. Colors

Nova’s voice in Colors could also be taken from a dark rock song – in general, the song comes with a rather murky style in which the nah-nah-nah singing almost feels like a choir of evil clowns.

3. Hate Parade

The Hate Parade is having a punk rock touch. Again, the song uses very easy elements and works a lot with repetitions, but this also leads to a catching listen. Nice one.

4. No Fear

The rather slow No Fear could easily be a 1980’s wave track at the beginning – but it develops its very own style and even turns into a psychedelic sound. Cool transformation, nice listen.

5. Seasons

Seasons feels to have a lot of potential – there are some parts which strongly remind me of bands like U2 in a pop style. However, these moments fade a bit too quickly. Bad luck.

6. This Town

This Town is a rather and not too present song which is majorly driven by its rhythm and a nice vocal collaboration. Rather in the average range of songs, though.

7. Banksters

Here come the banksters is a hot start with a clear message right at the beginning of the song. Nova and his voice is really present in here. The song has a really nice groove, which is the strongest quality of this seventh track.

8. Silent Snow

In the silent flow, your secrets grow // In the silent snow your secrets show – the song is a bit too repetitive to me. The driving part of the song are definitely the electronic guitar samples – which are too artificial to finally really lead to a rock feeling

9. Make Believe

The second last track is a slow one, almost with a but of an anthem touch and a really nice groove. Even though X: THC don’t need too many elements to produce an almost magical atmosphere. Cool.

10. The Land Of The Free

The closing song comes with almost marching band-alike rhythm and synth chords, which create the basis for the vocal performance. Good one, even though not outstanding.


X: THC – Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight -Spotify

Here is Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight on Spotify:


X: THC – Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight – My View

Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight comes with a lot of different sounds. The album feels unique. That turns it into a special recording. Some songs are really catching, others cannot keep up with that. A bit of bad luck, the project has a lot of potential. Finally their release is not bad at all, but does not reach its full range of possibilities.


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