Emma Longard – Quieter Pt. 1 EP

Emma Longard - Quieter Pt. 1



4.4/5 Pros

  • Beautiful and catching voice
  • Lovely songs, just a great listen

After having released her debut album in 2015 already. Emma Longard will release two EPs with new songs in 2021. The first one, Quieter Pt. 1, will be released on 7th May 2021. The second part will follow in fall. Here is my review.

Emma Longard – About The Artist

Emma Longard is an artist from Hamburg, Germany. Her songs are somewhere between pop and soul, there is also a touch of jazz. The key element of her songs is definitely her voice. Already in 2013, she released her debut EP Eile (“Hurry”). Two years later, she released her only album so far, A Million Pieces. After taking a break, she came back and is now regularly releasing music.


Emma Longard – Quieter Pt. 1 – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 21 minutes. Only Running Against The Tide has not been released before the EP.

1. Into Dark Waters

As far as I can see, the songs on the EP are simply set in the order of publication. The series started (with a release every two weeks) by this opening track, Into Dark Waters. Just a beautiful song. The piano and strings create a lovely atmosphere for the intense voice of the artist. Very limited, but concentrated gentle sound.

2. Night Sky

The rhythmic background in Night Sky leads to a stronger pop song touch. The chorus might start a bit of too accentuated. Emma Longard’s voice gets more and more powerful during the four minutes runtime of the song – which especially leads to the situation that are don’t think about whether the rhythmic is distracting me or not. It would be a shame – it feels so easy to (musically) fall in love with that voice.

3. Blame It On A Stranger

Blame It On A Stranger is another comparably pop-ish song – but this time, there is no musical element which potentially distracts me from Longard’s music. The beautiful and catching chorus is definitely the core element of this song.

4. Quieter

The fourth track is the title track of that series of two EPs. I might somehow have rather strange thoughts while listening to music – but don’t you hear a touch of Celine Dion in this track?

5. New Meaning

New Meaning is a very surprising song on this EP. When Emma Longard states that You Gave My Life A New Meaning, there is a touch of soul, a lovely vibe. The rhythm feels to be a cool element to connect to the audience in future concerts.

6. Running Against The Tide

The closing track of Quieter Pt. 1 has a touch of jazz, but also slightly reminds me of Janet Jackson. Nice fusion of sounds, which overall gives a very nice composition. Nice track, which stays in your mind.


Emma Longard – Quieter Pt. 1 – Spotify

Here is Quieter Pt. 1 on Spotify:


Emma Longard – Quieter Pt. 1 – My View

That’s indeed a really beautiful EP. I initially thought it might become a bit of boring to listen to it after I heard the first two songs. But Emma Longard did surprise me with very versatile tracks, which have jazzy, soul-ish and folk music elements. The signature element of her music is her voice, for sure. I just enjoy listening to her.


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