Marianne Rosenberg – Bunter Planet

Marianne Rosenberg - Bunter Planet



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice, straight schlager pop album
  • Some very surprising elements and songs

Marianne Rosenberg is truly a legend in the German schlager and pop scene. Her career is impressing. However, I never featured an album of her, despite she is regularly releasing music. On 7th June 2024, she is releasing the album Bunter Planet. A great opportunity to have a listen.


Marianne Rosenberg – About The Artist

Marianne Rosenberg was born on 10th March 1955 in the West part of Berlin. She also won some merits as a singer in early teenage years. Her debut single, Paul McCartney released in 1970 peaked 33rd. Two of her most popular singles are also linked to the Eurovision Song Contest. She failed in the German qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975 (Er gehört zu mir) as well in the one of Luxembourg in 1976 (Lieder der Nacht). Both songs made it to the Top 10 Singles in Germany. She also released some English lyric songs.Bunter Planet is her 22nd studio albumThe two most recent ones, Im Namen der Liebe (2020) and Diva (2022), were Top 5 albums in Germany.


Marianne Rosenberg – Bunter Planet – Track by Track

The 14 track album lasts 48 minutes.

1. Ich an dich

Disco beat, synth sounds in the background – Ich an Dich feels like the plushy entrance door into this arena of schlager. The characteristic high voice by Rosenberg feels as familiar as the slightly arbitrary instrumental background. Nonetheless, the song is also some sort of “safe space” and reminds of former songs by the artist. Nice.

2. Liebe Spüren

The second song of the album is indeed the only song which has been shared with the fans before album release. The title translates to Feeling Love, the song comes with similar elements than the opener. However, especially the vocals by Rosenberg lead to a special touch.

3. Morgenrot

Morgenrot is definitely emancipating from the sound of the first two tracks. It is working with similar elements, but the arrangement is focusing more strongly on the keyboard part. This leads to a stronger pop music touch. Unfortunately, the song leans a bit more towards the first two tracks in its second half.

4. Bunter Planet

The title track is a cool dance-pop song. The song has been co-written by Leslie Clio. The somehow majestic voice of Rosenberg just adds the right flavor. Great one.

5. Freiheit

The album stays pop-ish with Freiheit (“Freedom”). The song is very thoughtful and comes with nice lyrics. Espeiclally the chorus with choir-alike vocals keeps up the dancing vibes Bunter Planet has kicked off.

6. Anfang und Ende

Just after you have warmed up your dancing shows, Marianne Rosenberg is slowing down the pace with Anfang und Ende (“Beginning and End”). The song is a thoughtful and looks back to Marianne Rosenberg’s life. The key topic of the song is about farewell. Irgendwo in der Vergangenheit ging ich einen anderen Weg (“Some time in the past, I went another route”) and Ich lebe den Moment (“I live in the moment”) are key phrases of the chorus. This looking back leads to Es tut mir leid – “I am sorry”. Such a beautiful listen.

7. Lass die Liebe gewinnen

Ich lass die Liebe gewinnen, sie verändert die Welt (“I let the love win, she is changing the world”) is the hook of this song. With more present rhythm, the song is taking Bunter Planet back into the schlager genre. However, Marianne Rosenberg is great in making these kind of songs very special.

8. Keine Zeit

Keine Zeit (“No time”) is driven by a stomping beat. The song comes with a nice groove and thus is making you move to the music. On top of that, the song comes with another really nice chorus. Electronic distortion and strings in the background lead to a really multi-faceted, interesting experience.

9. Er ist mein Talisman

The song title of the ninth track translates to “He is my talisman”. The melody is rather simple, but the chorus is quite atmospheric. Nonetheless, the song is not as characteristic as other listens of this album.

10. Tief wie der Ozean

Tief wie der Ozean (“Deep as the ocean”) is a 4:45 minute dance-pop track. It is not about any deep sea adventure, but simply about love. The song creates a very nice atmosphere, which, however, rather feels like a trip to space to me. The longest song of the album feels a bit of lengthy to me as well.

11. Tanzen

Tanzen means “dance” – and that’s exactly what this song is made for. It. A nice track with a good groove, which is perfect for the dancefloor. This also implies that it is not too complex, but rather easy and straight-forward.

12. Jeder neue Tag

Jeder neue Tag introduces a new style to Bunter Planet. The instrumental side feels very pop-ish, but the groove reminds of reggae and summer vibes.There is definitely a catch in this one.

13. Reiss die Türen auf

The keyboard is tootling in the background, there are some scattered brass notes as well. On top of that, there is a typical schlager-feelgood song. That’s about the story of Reiss die Türen auf. A track made to sing with the artist and enjoy.

14. Ich halt dich fest

The final statement of the album is Ich halt dich fest, which translates to “I hold you tight”. The slow, waltz-alike song feels like a twosome summer evening at a lonely place. Nice one.


Marianne Rosenberg – Bunter Planet – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Marianne Rosenberg – Bunter Planet – My View

I wouldn’t rate all the songs in here in the highest ranges, but Bunter Planet as such is definitely a really enjoyable album. Marianne Rosenberg does make her music sound special, not only due to her unique way of singing. Finally, the album is a really nice schlager-pop release with some really surprising moments. Well done!

Favorite Song: Anfang und Ende


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