Dahlia Sleeps – Overflow (A-Side) EP

Dahlia Sleeps - A-Side



2.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice vocals by Lucy Hill
  • Good production Cons

  • This EP feels "incomplete"
  • Quality of songs too versatile

I am not too much a big fan of splitting albums into several EPs. As I wrote in my Does Nowadays The Length Still Matter? posting, this typically is a disadvantage for the buyer of music – and by that is promoting streaming music rather than purchasing one. The pop duo Dahlia Sleeps and their team decided to go that way and split their debut album Overflow into an A-Side and a B-Side. The first part will be released on 19th October 2021. Here are my thoughts. The second part is due for early 2022.


Dahlia Sleeps – About The Artist

Dahlia Sleeps are an electronic pop duo from London, United Kingdom. They are active and released three EPs so far. However, their most successful track Breathe has been released some five years ago. The two heads behind the act are producer and writer Luke Hester and singer Lucy Hill.


Dahlia Sleeps – Overflow (A-Side) – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. With You

Keyboard / piano sounds, electronic rhythmic elements and the high voice of Lucy Hall – these are the three key parts creating the sound of With You. Fragile, gentle, very atmospheric sound. Good listen, for sure.

2. Divided

The piano sounds are gone in this single release – the song is a straight electro pop song. Really nice sound with very different kinds of atmosphere. Good listen.

3. Too Good To Hide

I struggle with this track for a weird reason: the song is either named Sleeps Too Good Good To Hide or Too Good To Hide, depending if I look at the press kit or the digital download and other sources. With about five minutes duration, the song is the longest on this first half of Dahlia Sleeps’ album. Again, the duo works with different moods and sounds, so that the song is a rather versatile listen. Still, I cannot connect to it in a way I enjoy to listen Divided, for example.

4. Overflow

Quite some echo and vibrating background sounds lead to a very broad song. However, Overflow does not really transform from a set of sounds to a song to me until the last part of the song. Cool arrangement and production, but not really a good listen to me.

5. Close Your Eyes

In contrast to its predecessor, Close Your Eyes again feels much more like a song, like something, which belongs together. Still, the song plays with powerful and fragile moments, always strongly focusing on Hill and her very present voice. To me, this A-Side of their debut album closes with the best song of all five.


Dahlia Sleeps – Overflow (A-Side) – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once A-Side is published. 


Dahlia Sleeps – Overflow (A-Side) – My View

I feel a bit of lost with Overflow (A-Side). There have been good times and bad times in these five songs. Some more songs would strengthen by thoughts towards the one or the other side. Dahlia Sleeps are not single hit writers to me, they have a chance to do good albums. The first part of the albumis too thin for me, it feels it urgently needs the second half of their songs to get deeper into this project. Thus, this EP is having no chance for a really good rating from me, even though there are spots of really interesting features here and there.


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