The Shindellas – Shindo

The Shindellas - Shindo



3.7/5 Pros

  • Amazing vocalists
  • Very harmonic setup
  • Some really catching productions Cons

  • Sounds too often like a well-known song
  • Some parts of the album are too experimental

I read about the band featured in this review, The Shindellas, the following: The Shindellas are a band formed under the belief that when women come together, powerful change can happen. They are also the first R&B act to play at the CMT awards. The modern interpretation of a girl band releases their album Shindo on 20th October 2023. I had a listen.


The Shindellas – About The Artists

The Shindellas are a trio from Nashville. They merge soul, pop and R&B elements. The three band members are Tamara Chauniece, Stacy Johnson and Kasi Jones. While the trio is releasing music since 2018, they released one album so far. In 2021, they published Hits That Stick Like Grits. Two years earlier, the they also had an EP release Genesis.


The Shindellas – Shindo – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Up 2 You

The funky bass groove and keyboard lines kick off Up 2 You, which somehow feels very familiar, but overall is not a cover of a known track at all. The vibes of the starting track are catching you and make you move to the rhythm.

2. Juicy

The second song of the album, Juicy, is the first of a block of three single releases. The song feels slower and emotional. However, the rhythm is disturbing and distracting from the in fact beautiful melody and vocal collaboration.

3. Ooh La La

Ooh La La touches me in the same way as the opening track did. The song feels very familiar. There is also a nostalgic touch in the sound of this song, which reminds me of some 1990’s female soul and R&B pop acts. Working with with three singers indeed leads to a very versatile and fascinating listen.

4. Think of Me

There are not too many albums during this year, which gave me such a firework of associations. Starting like a synth-pop track, the melody of Think of Me could be the perfect basis for a typical Christmas song production. However, its warmth and personal style also works well as a soulful ballad.

5. Good as Gold

Good as Gold is another track which is driven by the vocal talent of the three ladies. Again, the song rather makes me think about my high school years rather than 2023. But whenever you start struggling with the song, the quality on the microphone is somehow bringing you back to enjoy it. Still, I overall feel that the fifth track is having too many different musical ingredients.

6. Somethin’ that I Wanna Say

The days get darker, shorter, colder now. We just need songs like Somethin’ that I Wanna Say. Even though I feel there are stronger melodies on Shindo, the harmony within the trio is touching and magical.

7. Kiss N Tell

With Kiss N Tell, The Shindellas present a different aspect of their music. The song is very narrative, the instrumental side is rather limited and the the song is focusing on the three high voices, which lead you through the listen. The rhythm and some other elements are getting stronger during the five minute listen, which leads to a nice dramatic plot. Nonetheless, the seventh track feels a bit of lengthy to me.

8. Last Night Was Good For My Soul

Last Night Was Good For My Soul – and today, the Nashville ladies are partying on. The eighth song is made to push you to the dancefloor and move to the rhythm. This is working out really nicely.

9. Love You Inside Out

The closing track is another rather theatric listen. However, Love You Inside Out takes some time to finally define its own style and identify. Bad luck, the song comes with one of the best vocal performances of the album.


The Shindellas – Shindo – Spotify

Here is Shindo on Spotify:


The Shindellas – Shindo – My View

I feel you just cannot deny that this band has a great potential and talent. The three vocalists feel very harmonic together. Shindo is presenting different settings and sounds for this US-American act. Some work out much better than others. I love the versatily and the quality on the microphone in here. If The Shindellas experiment a little bit less and focus on their best sound, the third album will be a blast.

Favorite Song: Think of me


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