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Year-end is the time to look back to all the stuff what happened to you. Ideally you rather remind the good moments. This posting is about some of the best three to five minutes I spend during 2021 – the best songs of the year, from my very personal perspective. Enjoy my thoughts – and of course, if you like, discuss with me via the comment function or on my social media channels. There is also a posting about my Favorite Albums and EPs of 2021.


My Favorite Non-Country Songs in 2021

Out of all my Best of categories, this is typically the one, which gives me the biggest headaches. A lot of songs are – and not all of them have been part of reviews. Also as non-country genres played a bigger role in my reviews this year, I decided to go for ten songs in here instead of the seven I did in 2020.

10. Raphael by Paule

Paule’s album Wunderschon Unperfekt was an absolutely stunning listen to me. While the album will just barely miss the top non-country albums, this melodic masterpiece just deserves to be in my Top 10 songs of the year, non-country. Hope you like it, too.

9. Believe Me by Lordi

The seven album Lordiversity project by my favorite Finnish monsters is definitely one of the most remarkable releases of the year to me. The album SuperFlyTrap, in which Lordi are recording disco pop, is just outstanding. The leading single just makes me smile whenever I listen to it.

8. Wellerman by Nathan Evans

Okay, this one somehow has to be on a German best of songs 2021 list. Nathan Evans dominated German radio stations with the shanty Wellerman. The right song at the right time.

7. Zeit Heilt keine Wunden by Nino de Angelo

Nino de Angelo released a lovely album Gesegnet und Verflucht early in 2021. “Time does not heal wounds” is the title in German. Such a direct and grand song.

6. Mother Earth by Ray Wilson

I love Ray Wilson. The former Genesis singer released The Weight Of Man, a fabulous album, in August 2021. My favorite song is Mother Earth – but you will find plenty of really good recordings on this one.

5. Zahltag by Hämatom

With Berlin and Die Liebe ist Tot, Hämatom released two very different albums in 2021. Zahltag, which is a song on the latter album is so deep and describing the thoughts of an abused child. A breathtaking song.

4. Weaker by Heart Healer feat. Adrienne Cowan

Adrienne Cowan is one of my favorite female metal voices. I was so glad when I read that she will join Magnus Karlsson in his Heart Healer metal opera project. In Weaker, Cowan illustrates her extraordinary vocal skills. An amazing metal track.

3. Wounded Knee by Peter Maffay

With So weit, Peter Maffay released a great new album this year, which even touches country music here and there. This sound reminds of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre, in which 300 native Americans have been slaughtered by the US cavalry. Breathtaking.

2. Cold Heart by Elton John & Dua Lipa

I really not at all an Elton John fan, but his The Lockdown Sessions just blew me away. Even weeks after the single has been released, I still love Cold Heart with Dua Lipa.


My Favorite Non-Country Song 2021:

Cabriolet Panorama by The Kolors

I just happened to run into this Italian retro-pop song during a trip to the country, as I described in my The Hits of The Trips – My Summer 2021 in Music posting. The Kolors did an amazing ear catcher there. If you like 1980’s pop, be alert: you might not get this one out of your head.


My Favorite Song during 2021, which has been recorded in previous years

Un’Estate Italiana by Gianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato

Also due to their very reliable Covid-19 regulations, I made it rather frequently to Italy the last 18 month. This song, which was so big in 1990, is simply my song about Italy. Whenever I think of the country, this is the song I have in my ear. Even when I just went to the Italian-speaking Ticino in Switzerland, these tunes accompany me. I dedicated this classic also one of my Songs of my Life postings this year.


My Favorite Country Songs in 2021

Despite being more active on the non-country side, country is still my main genre. Not too surprisingly, my list of candidates for this Favorite Songs list was really long. These ten tracks finally made it.


10. Can’t Do Without Me by Chayce Beckham & Lindsay Ell

Especially towards the end of the year, Canadian Lindsay Ell was part of multiple really good duets. This one of Chayce Beckham is a simply amazing one. Great collaboration

9. I Only Date Cowboys by Kylie Morgan

I loved Kylie Morgan and her songs in 2021. Her EP Love, Kylie including this track. Great listen.

8. To Us It Did by Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell Tenpenny is indeed a great singer-songwriter. To Us It Did is a beautiful anthem about country life.

7. When I Say I Do Today by Carolyn Miller

This song was even featured in a wedding in Malta – Carolyn Miller’s wedding song is indeed a global success. She is a great artist and proofs that in her wonderful track.

6. Identity by Sylvia Aimee

The Dutch Sylvia Aimee is such a great songwriter. Identity is such a deep and wonderful track. I even had a dedicated Spotlight interview episode about it.

5. County Roads by Elvie Shane

Elvie Shane did an awesome track with County Roads. Lovely, energetic listen.

4. What Christmas Means To Me by Stephanie Ryann

Not only due to the Country Christmas 2021 Playlist, I invested quite a lot of time into festive country music. What Christmas Means To Me combines holiday spirit with deep lyrics. Love it.

3. You’ll Always Be My Baby by Alan Jackson

Wedding song, part 2: in contrast to Carolyn Miller, Alan Jackson is not writing this one to a beloved one, but to his daughter for her very special day. The song is a very special song, for sure.

2. Wine at the Church, Beer at The Bar by Logan Mize

Logan Mize‘s 2021 album Welcome To Prairieville was on my long list for my “Album of the Year” selection. This song about the fictive small town is just a great song – and there are quite some more on the album.

My Favorite Country Song 2021:

29 by Carly Pearce

Great EP, great title track: 29 by Carly Peace is dealing with so many things happening to Pearce at that age. A very personal song and a lovely listen in 2021.



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