High Valley – Grew Up On That EP

High Valley - Grew Up On That



4.2/5 Pros

  • Six nice modern country songs
  • Good voices and songwriting Cons

  • No super-hits
  • Songs are quite similar

After six studio albums and two EPs, the Canadian country music duo High Valley is back with another EP. Their Grew Up On That has been released on 22nd May 2020.


High Valley – About The Artists

High Valley used to be a trio when they were founded in 1997, containing of the brothers Brad, Curtis and Bryan Rempel. Bryan Rempel left the band in March 2014. They are Mennonites, coming from La Crete, Alberta, Canada, a some 700km drive North from Edmonton. Their debut album, the self-released Broken Borders is dated ten years after the founding of the band. The first album which made it to the charts is Dear Life, their fifth one, which has been released on 18th November 2016. However, they had some decent placements on the singles side before, especially their 2012 Let it Be Me, which made it fifth in the Canadian Country Charts and six singles taken from the 2014 Country Line album, which were all top 10 in these rankings. Dear Life, however, featured their first number 1 single, I Be U Be.


High Valley – Grew Up On That – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 19 minutes:

1. Grew Up On That

Bow your head, take off your hat, ’bout to say the blessin’
Treat her like a lady, better get her home by eleven
Put a little back, keep a little stash for them rainy days
Keep a good name, that’s the way we were raised on

The EP starts with the title track. Very straight modern country song with a very classic country topic: home. Very good songwriting, though, so that this starter definitely raises the appetite for some more songs from this collection.

2. Your Mama

Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks ago – and High Valley does this lovely ballad-alike praise of mamas around the world. Really lovely song, just enjoy to listen to it.

3. River’s Still Running

Powerful modern country, good song-writing – also at this third track (which has been released before the EP), High Valley does it in style. Nice one.

4. Northern Star

A bit of slower with quite some intense lyrics – Northern Star is another really good song on this EP. Well done, High Valley!

5. One Day You’ll Get It

One Day You’ll Get It has a slight classic country song. A nice track for the radio or for the road. You might not open your Friday evening country party with it – but there are sufficient alternatives for that anyway.

6. Show Me The Way

Show Me The Way has a quite significant rhythm compared to the other songs. Quite fluent song with some nice classic country elements – I like the guitar play in here, for example.


High Valley – Grew Up On That – Spotify

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High Valley – Grew Up On That- My View

Well done, High Valley. The EP Grew Up On That definitely underlines that the brothers are an absolutely solid act, which deserves high respect in the country music scene. Not too many tracks with super-hit potential, though, but a really good listen. Buying / Downloading it is definitely not a bad decision.



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