LOST – Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine

LOST - Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very good pop songs
  • Good lyrics and versatile characters of the tracks Cons

  • Practically all songs are sad / melancholic

If you would ignore the bio behind LOST, already the first notes of the album Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine would likely surprise you. You would likely struggle to believe that this is a debut album of an Austrian rock / pop project. However, the mastermind behind the the band is quite well-known in his home country. I listened to the album and more or less immediately had to start working on the review. The release date has been 23rd April 2021.


LOST – About The Artists

LOST from Austria is the project of Kevin Lehr. The artist from Rohrbach an der Lafniz very close to the Hungarian border became famous with the five man band Tagträumer (“Day dreamer”), an Austrian pop band. Their 2014 debut single Sinn (“Sense”) already made it into the Top 10 of the Austrian charts. The song was part of the TV talent show Herz von Österreich, which is only allowing to perform Austrian songs. The song paved the way to a quite impressive, but short career. The debut album Alles ok?! (2015) placed fifth in their domestic charts and lead to another golden record. After their sophomore album Unendlich eins (2017), which even placed third in the charts, the band decided to go for a hiatus.

Kevin Lehr founded LOST; for which he typically collaborates with other musicians. One of the most frequent additions is Florian Roggendorfer, the head of the band Einfach Flo. With the support of Roggendorfer, LOST had its biggest hits so far, Sympathy. The 2019 release has been streamed 1.5 million times on Spotify only. The song is part of the album



LOST – Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine – Track by Track

The album includes 12 songs and lasts 35 minutes. As you see by the videos, seven of the songs have been released before the album.

1. Sympathy

The album starts with the most successful song of the project so far. A nice modern pop song, good rhythm, catchy melody. There is a touch of R’n’B as well and the song has dancefloor potential. That’s just how you would explain songwriting in the Pop Music Writing for Dummies almanac. Great song.

2. The Beat Is Calling

If the opener sets a high standard like Sympathy does – the remaining album typically tends to become a fail (as no song can connect) – or it is a great one. The Beat Is Calling is not even a single so far, but it is such a catchy listen. A bit more traditional. The song reminds me a bit of the Pet Shop Boys. Cool bass groove.

3. Twentysomething (feat. Illian)

This song has been done in collaboration with Illian – or Jonathan Reiner. The Austrian artist had a Top 10 song with Beautiful World in 2011. Ten years later, he is working with LOST. The song is light of foot and joyful. Nice summer touch – even though the song is rather talking about the key decisions to take after having become an adult.

4. Serotonin

This is a rather rare choice for a song title. It is a challenge for this song to be present in the album after the that strong start. Nonetheless, the rhythmic arrangement and the vibe is leading to a good listen.

5. Beast Inside

Beast Inside is a song written for Lehr’s best friend, a song about being there when he is needed. The groove of the track partially is close to reggae vibe. I also like the way LOST is using different sounds and instruments, which leads to a very entertaining first half of the album.

6. Killers In My Mind

There are a lot of questions, a lot of struggle and problems in the album as well. Killers In My Mind is one of the key tracks of the album to me, It deals with Lehr’s depressions – which he describes as Killers In My Mind. Very good lyrics, impressive song.

7. Running Away

My favorite thing is
Running away, running away, running away all my life
Yes, I’m the king of
Running away, running away, running away I can’t deny
And sometimes I’m
Running away, running away, running away to find some help
But maybe I’m just
Running away, running away, running away from myself

A song which is again dealing with the struggle to deal with yourself, to accept yourself and instead Running Away. A song which I can relate to very well. So much irony that the song is an easy and happy melody.

8. Jealous

Already the first lyrics of Jealous tell you that this song will be rather melancholic again: Here’s to the girl who breaks my heart into pieces – you are so messed up. The song comes with a Spanish-Latin American music touch. Great listen.

9. Acting Strange

The drama of love is not over now – LOST is asking Why can’t we stop acting strange? in this song. A very rhythmic song with some cool background effects and very present drumming.

10. Empty Lane

Please don’t tell you who I am cause I don’t even know myself – this song is again dealing with Lehr’s social struggle and the safe place where he can (mentally) relax.  Empty Lane is the last song already released as a single of the album on this set.

11. Superman

In Superman, the guitars are taking the lead part of the melodies. The song is having a very typical and modern hip-hop style, especially in the verses. However, it is breaking out here and there to more melodic parts.

12. Where The Wifi Is Low

The last song is a quiet farewell with some rhythm and acoustic guitar. The song is gaining some power the longer it takes. Nice finish.


LOST – Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine:


LOST – Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine – My View

Long Nights Good Friends Red Wine is a very deep, intimate – and, last but not least, very well recorded pop album. I really love to listen to the song. I feel that this project has a lot of potential – look forward to any new tracks by Kevin Lehr (then also maybe with some more happy stories…). and Austria

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