Jördis Tielsch – New Mornings

Jördis Tielsch - New Mornings



3.9/5 Pros

  • Ten nice songs
  • Beautiful range of tracks

TV appearances, support act of famous musicians like Heinz Rudolf Kunze or Rea Garvey: Jördis Tielsch has indeed grown quite some popularity on the German music market. On 18th February 2022, she is releasing a new album, New Mornings. I could pre-listen to it and definitely felt to share it with you.


Jördis Tielsch – About The Artist

Jördis Tielsch is a German singer-songwriter and violinist, who was born on 18th July 1995 in the German state of Hesse. Already in early childhood years she started to learn playing the violin, having quite prominent teachers. She already released her first EP at the age of fourteen, five years before finishing her Abitur / A-level at school. After school, she started to study music as well as being a teacher for music and English in Cologne. Her last major release has been the 2019 EP Kopfüber. Her previous album is dated as of 2015.


Jördis Tielsch – New Mornings – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Embrace Your Fears

The press kit for the album names Jördis Tielsch’s music “folk-pop”, the promotion platform country-pop, however. The first impression, based on Embrace Your Fears, just cannot deny a country touch. Lovely voice, good lyrics, nice instrumentation. Definitely a good one.

2. New Mornings

But I, I believe in new mornings
And I, I believe that the heart is kind
So don’t just turn around
Don’t let your hopes fall down
Cause you carry fire

The second song is very gentle. A song about going for a new beginning. Lovely vocals, which just need some background instruments for a perfect touch. Love it.

3. The River Is Me

I am the river, the river is me – again, the song is rather thoughtful, intimate, quiet. The violin is having more presence than in the songs before. Beautiful listen.

4. Call Out The Sun

Call Out The Sun is a darker country music song. One of the strongest performances of the album to me. I feel it really sounds cool when Tielsch is going for the low notes.

5. Home

Home is where your heart is – a traditional message in a repetitive song. The fifth track is not really my favorite of this album. Nothing too special about it, despite a nice melody line.

6. It’s Alright

Growing up and going for your own experience and mistakes is one of the topics Jördis Tielsch is going for on her 2022 album. It’s Alright is thereby leading to a beautiful, vocal-centric lovely song. Great listen.

7. Heart Of Mine

Heart Of The Mine comes with stronger guitars and more present drums. After a couple of rather slow and quiet tracks, this is definitely a nice contrast. And, indeed, the song is a good one. Nice listen.

8. Go Lassie Go

The eighth track is an Irish traditional song. Also due to the nice violin presence in the track, this leads to a beautiful folk music touch. Impressing one.

9. What Are You Waiting For

There are some live recordings of other songs on New Mornings available, but in fact, this song is the only track, which has been released as such before the album. Nice song with a good vibe and a nice piano backing. Really nice one.

10. Catch Me If You Can

The album closes with a lovely ballad. Just Tielsch’s high voice and a piano at the beginning, before other instruments like strings are joining. The album closes with some warmth in the heart of the listener.


Jördis Tielsch – New Mornings – Spotify

Here are the New Mornings on Spotify:


Jördis Tielsch – New Mornings – My View

Jördis Tielsch really produced a beautiful listen. I would not see New Mornings in the very upper ratings, but I really had an enjoyable time with her songs. I liked the range of topics and – of course – the strong country music touch. Nicely done!



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