Songs Of The Week (week of 24 June 2022)

Whenever I start working for my Songs of the Week, I typically scan the candidates I archived for that reason and then select the leading track. I eliminate songs which I feel should finally not make then the cut and create a “story”, a sequence of songs, based on the leading one. Thus, some of my very favorites might be hidden somewhere in the middle of this list. This time, there is a quite significant block of schlager tracks and the list is head by a German artist – but you will find a lot of different stuff in my (this time: quite long) Songs of the Week.


Danny – Believe

This time, I am opening my Songs of the Week with a Berlin-origin artist, who is nowadays based in Cologne. Great singer-songwriter soft rock track with a lot of atmosphere. Love it!


Dani Suara – Wenn ich an Dich denk

The list of song this time starts with some German artists: Dani Suara comes from Southwest Germany – and with such an amazing, characteristic voice. I love that very emotional release.


Dirk Busch – So ein Sommertag

Dirk Busch wrote one of my all time 1980’s German track favorites, Du bist keine Mona Lisa. In 2020, I felt so happy to run into his new album Spuren (Lieder über das Leben). His June 2022 single is a praise of a “summer day”. Beautiful German pop track… US people would likely call that one country music,


Taylor Swift – Carolina

Taylor Swift wrote this one for the Where The Crawdads Sing movie. Rather a dream-ish folk music song by her this time. Cool listen.


Noah Cyrus – Ready To Go

Another big name of the music business in my list of good new releases. Noah Cyrus is having her next single release, beautiful one.


Meghan Trainor x Teddy Swims – Bad For Me

Okay, let’s go for a three-in-a-row of big female artists. Meghan Trainor released a very emotional new song this week. I absolutely love it.


Lauryn Bells – Ready

Lauryn Bells’ single ready has already been released on Saturday, 18th June 2022 – but I strictly cut off releases on Friday. Thus, the Swiss artist had to wait for another week to be part of my list. Nice pop music.


Lena – Looking For Love

Germany’s most recent Eurovision Song Contest pride Lena Meyer-Landrut is back with a new song. I really loved listening to Looking For Love.


Conan Gray – Disaster

Conan Gray is a Californian vlogger and musician. He already grew quite much – and Disaster is another proof that this guy is able to write really good songs. Enjoy!


The Kooks – Cold Heart

The next song is a nice indie-pop track by the British band The Kooks. It is just about four weeks left until their album release. Promising


The Interrupters – Jailbird

Alternative rock from Los Angeles: The Interrupters are ready to set sail to Europe and will also have three shows in Germany in August 2022. Before that, they make us rock with Jailbird. Great one for a sing-a-long at one of the shows.


Megadeth – We’ll Be Back

Megadeth fans are already counting down the days: the US thrash metal legends announced their first album release since six years for September 2022. What could be a better title to announce it than We’ll Be Back? The only hard rock / metal song this time in my list of songs.


One OK Rock – Save Yourself

From US West Coast just a flight across the Pacific Ocean: One OK Rock are one of Japan’s finest rock / alternative rock bands. Great sound in their new single.


Mareeka – Voices

From L.A. and Japan back to good, old Germany: Mareeka is a Berlin melodic rock artist. Voices was one of my top candidates to lead to this of songs this time. Great sound.


Antonja – Shutdown

i already featured Antonja, the former Antonia aus Tirol, in a Songs of the Week posting in late March 2022, Now, she is back with a new catching rocker, Shutdown. I start getting a crush on her, I believe.


Bentai and the remedy – Peculiar

The band name sounds a bit of Asian – but in fact, the roots of act are from Kürten, a city East of Cologne. Nice rock song with a slight psychedelic flavor.


Dayglow – Then It All Goes Away

Dayglow is a US indie-pop artist. The song has already had some 100k views on YouTube only the first two days after release. Nice sound.


Esther Graf – sad = sexy

Esther Graf is doing a very characteristic German pop style. The Austrian had already some success with her first releases – and this one is a nice one as well, indeed.


Wolle Becker – Jetzt kommst Du

This posting has quite a high quota of schlager tracks. Wolle Becker’s new one is quite a straight and characteristic happy schlager track. I just liked its vibe and felt this guy simply deserves the presence. Good one!


Marie Reim – Das mach ich ohne Dich

I feel that Marie Reim sounds very much like her mother Michelle in this song. I don’t care, I like Das mach ich ohne Dich – even though I would love her to move a bit more to the pop-rock side of music.


Vanessa Dollinger – Verliebte schlafen nicht

Okay, I have to give in: this is somehow stereotype schlager, especially when it comes to the lyrics. Nonetheless, I just liked the young and fresh sound of the Austrian artist.


Roland Kaiser – Sag mir wann

Many Germans don’t like schlager that much (or: they don’t give in that they in fact like it…). Thus, I am sorry for you guys for that schlager block of songs. I have to shout out: I love Roland Kaiser, his concerts and his songs. And even though his new one Sag mir wann does not connect to his very best releases, I simply enjoy it.


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