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Jordan Davis - Buy Dirt




Second appearance in the Media Reviews: while I reviewed Jordan Davis’ self-titled EP about a year before, he is back with Buy Dirt. The release date of the eight track EP is 21st May 2021.


Jordan Davis – About The Artist

Three platinum records and a golden one in the USA as well as four platinum records in Canada is quite an impressive statistic – especially as Jordan Davis so far just released one album (Home State, 2018) and one EP (the already quoted Jordan Davis one). Already the debut album of the 1988-born artist from Louisiana contained two US Country Airplay chart-toppers (Singles You Up and Slow Dance in a Parking Lot) – the third release, Take It From Me, “just” ended up second. Jordan Davis is a rather new name in the business – but a really successful one.


Jordan Davis – Buy Dirt – Track by Track

The eight track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Blow Up Your TV

An intro with a title. The album starts slow with these 49 seconds… And there are even seven lines of lyrics… Feels like Jordan Davis really put effort into this.

2. Buy Dirt (feat. Luke Bryan)

The title track, the new single of this EP. Having Luke Bryan in this song is of course a really nice add-on. Great that they also (briefly) sing in parallel and not just one after another. Really nice track and a good argument to go for that new Jordan Davis EP.

3. Need To Not

The third track has been released before the EP as a single. I feel it is a nice song, a typical Jordan Davis recording – but it does not add that much character to the album than other song in here. I definitely like the energetic bridge.

4. Drink Had Me

I just cannot prevent myself from swaying from the left to the right and back while listening to Drink Had Me. The song has a nice summer vibe. Songs which make you dance cannot be all bad – and this one is one of my favorites, indeed.

5. Lose You

Jordan Davis released Lose You in November 2020. It does have that nice Jordan Davis vibe. A really good song, but to me, the song is not as strong as his two, three really exceptional recordings.

6. Almost Maybes

It’s his latest big song – so Jordan Davis absolutely wants to be sure that you haven’t missed Almost Maybes. Really strange that this track is in fact on both EPs, this one and the 2020 Jordan DavisThe best option is to take it as some sort of bonus track.

7. I Still Smoked

We were runaway flames in a backseat fire
Growing up fast on renegade tires
Didn’t worry about tomorrow
And it sure didn’t worry about us
Every time I kiss you it feels the same
I still remember us that way
Oh, don’t it feel just like yesterday
You drove that old jeep and I still smoked

The new songs on that EP turn out to be the gems of the EP to me. Beautiful way how the story of I Still Smoked is told – and on top of the good lyrics, there is the very energetic, but also emotional way of turning it into really good country music. Great track!

8. Trying

The three minute closing tracks starts with acoustic guitar, but then turns into a wider arrangement. Again, I love the way how Davis creates a nice balance between intimate-sounding passages and a bit more powerful parts. The result is a three minute lovely country music feeling.


Jordan Davis – Buy Dirt – Spotify

Here is Buy Dirt on Spotify:

Jordan Davis – Buy Dirt – My View

There are some things I struggle with about Buy Dirt. First of all, why do you add Almost Maybes to the EP again? I also struggle with the selection of single releases – there are some real gems among the songs not chosen. Critics completed. It is a good EP, his fans will love it. Nonetheless, I feel he could do better. He has proven that already.


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