Emily Nenni – On The Ranch

Emily Nenni - On The Ranch



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice country songs with a traditional touch
  • ... especially in the second half of the album Cons

  • A bit too stereotypical

After the 2018 album Hell of a Woman, Emily Nenni is releasing her sophomore album On The Ranch. Release date is 4th November 2022. I had the chance to listen to it quite before the publication date, so that it has been an easy selection for my review.


Emily Nenni – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I don’t have too much bio information about the “music nerd” Emily nanni, how she calls herself. She is a California artist, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Later, she decided to move to Nashville to pursue a career in music. Her most successful track so far is Long Game, the title track of her 2020 EP. The song has over one million streams on Spotify.


Emily Nenni – On The Ranch – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Can Chaser

Can Chaser offers rather traditional country music sounds from the very beginning of the album. Especially Eddy Dunlap on the pedal steel and the dobro creates a lovely vibe. The song is nice praise to a female countryside person.

She’s a can chaser, barrel racer
Queen of the rodeo
She’s a can chaser, you can’t chase her
Love to see her go

2. Useless

Useless comes with a really nice work on the guitar and bass side. Especially Alex Lyon on the bass is doing a great groove. Emily Nenni feels a bit of darker in the chorus, which is a nice fit to the melodic background.

3. On the Ranch

Emily Nenni is going for the typical country music stories at the beginning of the album – you may easily name the selection of subjects “stereotypical” as well. Especially the instrumental side of the third track is a nice one.

Come a couple after two, time to bust out a brew
Don’t hurt me or you, how’d you feel about a few
When I hear that motor rollin’ in, get a good feelin ‘neath my skin
Out on the ranch to avoid my troubles, ooh looks like I got double

4. Leavin’

In fact, the three minute song Leavin’ is the only song in the first half of the album, which has not published before the album. Emily Nenni takes the opportunity to present a typical slow, straight country music ballad. Maybe the Californian artist is taking us back for a dance vibe in her next song?

5. In the Mornin’

In the mornin’, I got work to do
And in the afternoon, I’m a walkin’ the dog
And come dinner time, taste what you been cookin’
When the sun comes up I’m hittin’ the road
Two sugars in my coffee to go

Strict time planning, even if there is a new person around. Emily Nenni takes the role of a very busy person in here. I like the melodic part again. Especially in the beginning, the instruments go for a rather unique and characteristic sound. The very present backing vocals are a bit too much for me.

6. Matches

There is so much variety on the melodic and instrumental side – unfortuantely, I just don’t find a vocal performance which strikes the other performances and delivers a very different sound of the lady on the microphone. Matches as such is a nice composition though. The song could be a good basis for a cover by an established artist.

7. Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell sounds like that song, which could be a bit of different – but finally, the track is by far not as dark as the title suggest. The vocals are having a fairy-alike touch with a bit of pop music reference in here. On of my favorite songs of the album.

8. Does your mother know

Really? Okay, this track feels familiar – just because you all know it. Emily Nenni is going back more than forty years and is delivering an ABBA cover. This is already quite a surprise. What is even better: doing Does your mother know with some more country touch and pedal steers chords is working much better than expected.

9. The Rooster and the Hen

This part of the album has some funny surprises. After having a visit at one of the most successful pop bands of all times. The cheeky fairy tale alike story telling simply leaves me with a smile. Bad luck that there are not one or two moments like this track on On The Ranch.

10. Get on with it

The album closes with the nice listen Get on with it. The chorus is a bit of manntra-alike, but overall, it is a really nice reflection. Absolutely enjoy listening to it.


Emily Nenni – On The Ranch – Spotify

Here is On The Ranch on Spotify:


Emily Nenni – On The Ranch – My View

While all the single releases so far have been taken from the first half of On The Ranch, I just enjoy part #2 more. You may disagree, but the last four, five tracks really pushed my rating from a “solid recording” to a “grand finale”. Fingers crossed that many people feel the same about Emily Nenni.


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