Hafenmann – Wundersame Welt

Hafenmann - Wundersame Welt



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice storytelling
  • Individual indie-pop style

Especially during the last months, I felt again how much interesting music is coming from Hamburg. The city in the North of Germany seems to become more and more equivalent in that regard compared to Berlin. Another band coming from the harbor city is Hafenmann. In fact, the band name “Harbor Man” is inspired by the huge harbor facilities of the home town of the duo. On 8th December 2023, the indie-pop do releases their debut album, Wundersame Welt. Let’s see how much of a “Wondrous World” is in this release.


Hafenmann – About The Artists

Hafenmann is a new project by singer Fatma Diaw and musician Arne Thamer. Arne Thamer is a rather well-known person in the Hamburg music scene, as he is the founder of a rather large promotion agency and indie label in the city. In that context, he is also a community platform at which bands can connect to their fans. Unfortunately, I don’t have any bio information about Fatma Diaw.


Hafenmann – Wundersame Welt – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 36 minutes

1. Im Schatten der Vergänglichkeit

The album opens with the previous single releases. Im Schatten der Vergänglichkeit (“In the Shadow of Evanescence”) is a song with indie-pop and folk influences. A rhythmic song with a nice melody. And a good first step into this nine-stage musical adventure.

2. Wundersame Welt

The title track is on the second position. The song is slower and feels more melancholic. Wundersame Welt also works with some brass songs and overall feels very narrative. The brass parts create a nice groove. To me, the song even has a touch of jazz.

3. Labyrinth der Namen

With almost five minutes, Labyrinth der Name is one of the longest songs of the album. The song describes the thoughts about a faded relationship, which is still coming with a chance to recover. Thereby, the style of the song is very personal, almost intimate. The most striking element of this “Labyrinth of Names” are the lyrics and the storytelling. Beautifully fragile.

4. Blinder Passagier

After this slower and rather epic listen, the “Blind Passenger” is coming with more energetic vibes. There is a touch of simplicity in a positive sense in this song. I simply enjoy listening to the characteristic vocal performance of Fatma Diaw.

5. Achtundvierzig

Achtundvierzig (which means nothing but “48”) feels soulful and jazzy again. Hafenmann and their producer Hanno Busch created a lovely atmosphere, which is just the right basis to tell their stories. I absolutely love listening to it.

6. Kaffee

Regarding the title, this song is about “coffee”. The song is about friendship. There are also doubts and negative thoughts, which overall creates a very deep and thoughtful atmosphere.

7. Besser

The third and last song on Wundersame Welt already featured as a single is Besser (“Better”). Again, the song is about a relationship, but also asks questions like “Could we be friends if we weren’t in a relationship?” and Geht es Dir besser ohne mich? (“Would you feel better without me?”)

8. Immer

With ImmerWundersame Welt presents one of its nicest and most present listen. The guitars almost sound angry, compared to the other tracks of the album. Hafenmann ask Soll das wirklich Liebe sein (“Shall That Be Love”). A song full of romantic and struggle.

9. Auszeit

With Auszeit, the album takes a long fade-out at its closing. The track is over five minutes and again rather concentrates on the story-telling. The synth sounds lead to a very atmospheric listen. The calm and groovy sound turns Auszeit into a nice listen.


Hafenmann – Wundersame Welt – Spotify

Here is Wundersame Welt on Spotify:


Hafenmann – Wundersame Welt – My View

Wundersame Welt is a very intense indie-pop listen. Fatma Diaw drives the songs with her intense voice. It is fun to listen to the album – even though I would not see in the very high ratings. It is a really nice and good listen, though.

Favorite Song: Immer


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