Songs Of The Week (week of 11 November 2022)

The musical even of the week to me was definitely the announcement of the 2023 European Weird Al Yankovic tour dates. I am glad that all the organisational stuff is done – apart from ten concert tickets, I had to cancel a trip to Hawaii, book nine flight legs,, eight train tickets… and some hotels I cannot count… to complete my bookings. Not comedy pop, but alternative rock is heading my list – and it is from a region which I love to travel to, the Emilia-Romagna.


Halflives – Sorry Mom x

The voice of this project is Linda Battilani, an Italian from Modena, who is now based in Paris, France. The sound of this alternative rock track just caught me – and made Sorry Mom x finally be on the top of my list this week.


Universum25 – Der Traum ist aus

Universum25 is some sort of German rock superband. The band members are Michael Robert Rhein (In Extremo), Rupert Keplinger (Eisbrecher, Antitype), Patrick Pat Prziwara (Fiddler’s Green), Gunnar Schröder (Dritte Wahl) and Alex Schwers (Slime). Der Traum ist aus is in fact a cover and has originally been released by the band Tom Steine Scherben 50 years ago. Still feels very modern.


Louis Tomlinson – Silver Tongues

Most of you might associate Louis Tomlinson with the band One Direction, but the English singer and songwriter is going solo nowadays. This year, he released his second studio album. Good pop-rock sound.


Destination Anywhere – Loser-Hymne (Halb so gut wie Du)

The Loser-Hymne (“Loser anthem”) is definitely deserving the “Song, which made me smil most” award of this week. The band from Siegen in Germany is mixing ska and punk elements. I love it.


Boy Destroy – Left Handed

Boy Destroy is an alternative pop artist from Sweden. He is about to release a new EP in 2023, Left Handed is the first feature single. I love that rhythmic style.


Kim Petras – If Jesus Was A Rockstar

Kim Petras is a transsexual artist. Her single Unholy recorded with Sam Smith topped the Billboard Hot 100 after getting viral on TikTok. I did not know her at all when I selected this song for this Songs of the Week edition. I just loved her fun pop style.


Michael Patrick Kelly x Rakim – Wonders

I love the music by US-Irish artist Michael Patrick Kelly. This song is inspired by an incident which has really happened in 2019. A boy went to school with a pumpgun… and a teacher made him stop his plan by simply hugging him. This time, Kelly is working with New York City rapper Rakim.


Thomas Headon – Georgia

Thomas Headon is an Australian artist, who is born in London. The song definitely feels more like the Australian summer than the British fall in November. Nice guitar pop.


Hannah Grae – Time of Your Life

Hannah Grae grew her popularity majorly by TikTok videos. Time of Your Life is a beautiful, cheeky teenage pop song with some indie-rock flavors.


The Teskey Brothers – This Will Be Our Year

The Teskey Brothers add some Australian music to this posting. The blues rock band adds a touch of jazz to their This Will Be Our Year. Beautiful blend.


Mencari – Sanctuary

Mencari is a soul-pop duo from Vienna in Austria. I feel that the combination of the beautiful instrumental arrangement and the voice of Sarah Treple leads to a beautiful listen.


Josh Island – Pennies from Heaven

Luxembourg is a country rarely represented in these kids of postings. The singer-songwriter is blending soul and folk influences to beautiful listens like Pennies from Heaven. He released two EPs so far, an album will follow next year.


Sophia – Sekunde

Another beautiful track by the German pop artist. By the way, Sophia is goldsmith from her professional background… There should be a chance for golden records, definitely.


Phil Schaller – Einer von Tausend

Hard to believe that the former The Voice Kids finalist is still just 16 years old. Einer von Tausend (“One out of one thousand”) feels so mature. Beautiful, emotional ballad.


Valbona – Ganz allein

I just could not find any bio information about this artist. Even the press kit was practically empty. So I just present you this song without too many comments.


Alex Lahey – Shit Talkin’

More information on Alex Lahey, definitely. The 30 year old indie pop-rock artist is another musician from Down Under I feature this week. Her song On My Way has been used as a title track for the Netflix movie The Mitchells vs. The Machines. Her latest track is definitely a fun listen as well.


Ailbhe Reddy – Shitshow

The second song with the sh*-word… This posting cannot get a good Google ranking, I believe. The Dublin native is doing a characteristic alternative folk sound. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.



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