Meghan Patrick – Heart On My Glass

Meghan Patrick - Heart on My Glass



4.6/5 Pros

  • Ten really good songs
  • Very versatile album with a lot of power Cons

  • First half very stereotype topics

Quite a while since Meghan Patrick was part of my coverage. In September 2019, I reviewed her EP debut Wild As Me. Some two years later, Patrick is back with a major new release: Heart On My Glass is the third album of the Canadian, which became available on 25th June 2021.


Meghan Patrick – About The Artist

I already gave some bio information about Meghan Patrick in my 2019 review of Wild As MeEspecially the title track of that EP was quite successful in Canada with a Top 10 Country Charts position. The EP became the Canadian Country Album of the Year at the Juno Awards in 2020. The opening track Girls Like Me even had award nominations in 2021.


Meghan Patrick – Heart on My Glass – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Heart On My Glass

Tonight I’m wearing my heart on my glass
Gonna lay it on the table next to that black label
Your spinning your wheels chasing girls like that
They don’t getcha like I getcha
So let me paint the picture
I’m the one you always run to run to
I should be the one to love you love you
I just gotta tell you where I’m at with some help from Jack
Tonight I’m wearing my heart on my glass

The album starts with the title track. A song, which could almost be called a signature track of the Canadian artist. Entertaining and powerful country music with a bit of pop music and a big bit of rock music in it.

2. Goes Good With Beer

From Jack Daniels to the brewed one. The second song on the album keeps on referencing intoxicants. Goes Good With Beer is not as straight and cheeky as the title track opener, but it is not that far behind it. Meghan Patrick fans will fall in love with this track as well – and open another bottle or can.

3. My First Car

My first drink was a warm Busch Light
And my first scar is from an old dirt bike
My first love grew up on a farm
My first buck is tattooed on my arm
Yeah, I got it right, right outta the gate
Five inch straight-pipe ’98
Rolling coal Chevrolet, lifted up
‘Cause my first car was a pickup truck
My first car was a pickup truck

We already know the details about My First Car, as the song has been released before the album as a single. If you need some more country music stereotypes, you find them all in here in 2:49 minutes. Like concentrated soup, which requires that you put some water on it. For me, it is a bit too much.

4. Never Giving Up On You

The song starts a bit slower than the ones before and indeed is a bit more country-pop than Meghan Patrick-style power-country rock. I would not call it a ballad already, even though it feels a bit like it compared to the other songs. The song is nice, but not that outstanding to me.


5. Mama Prayed For

But God knows you’re the man I was made for
Even if I ain’t the kind of girl your mama prayed for

That’s now one for the slower moments. A beautiful love song about love, but also accepting to be different than what people hoped you to be. Out of the first five songs, this is definitely my favorite so far. Meghan Patrick can be great in these ballad songs as well.

6. Better Story

After there have been three single releases in the first five songs, the second half of the album is all new to Meghan Patrick fans. The opener to this second half section is very slow, but comes with a strong groove and thus almost has a touch of a soul or an R&B song. Meghan Patrick does excellent in that – and there is still a present country music core in that melancholic song. Good one.

7. Where You Drink

There’s one place I’d love to go
Where steel guitar cuts through the smoke
No cover charge, ain’t never packed
Bartenders pour just a little more Jack
That’s the one place I can’t be
Cause I’ll see you and you’ll see me
And baby if I’ve only learned one thing
Since we broke up, it’s don’t fall in love
Where you drink

A song which reminds me of Lauren Jenkins’ My Bar (recorded on the No Saint album). The song more and more develops to a power ballad. I did not like the song too much at the beginning. But the more I got into it, the more I saw the beauty in Where You Drink.

8. Cool About It

A break-up song, which again comes in a very different style of song. I feel the arrangement of the song suits in a lovely way to its message. A nice presence of steel guitar sounds in this song, which even has a bit of summer vibe to me. Even other songs are from their substance and underlying songwriting better to me on this album, this is likely the best arrangement and production of all Heart On My Glass tracks to me.

9. Belong In Boots

You belong in boots
Got em on before the sun can rise
Rolling straight into a beer drinking Friday night
Working a backhoe
Working a dance floor
They’re working on me, boy
You know what they’re used for
When they’re on you
I ain’t looking at nobody else
Ain’t a chance of keeping my hands to myself
Shined up snakeskin, beat up steel toe
Whatever you’re doing, wherever you go
You belong In boots

A not that fast, but very energetic song with a strong modern country rock touch. The lyrics are almost spoken. The song reminds me about how much struggle to find good boots for my unfortunate feet proportions. I am out of this story as a protagonist – but I am really in as a listener.

10. Liar Too

The album closes with Liar Too, another song about unfortunate love. A nice story and quite good lyrics, but the melody of this song does not catch me as much as other tracks on this album did. I enjoy her vocal performance in here, though.


Meghan Patrick – Heart on My Glass – Spotify

Here is Heart on My Glass on Spotify:


Meghan Patrick – Heart on My Glass – My View

Meghan Patrick did really, really well in her third album again. Some of her single releases of Heart on My Glass finally prevent that my rating is very close to the full 5.0 rating – but there is no doubt that this powerful lady makes it to the Top Pick! zone again. I absolutely recommend to give this album a listening try!


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