Travis Denning – Beer’s Better Cold EP

Travis Denning - Beer's better Cold



4.4/5 Pros

  • Six great songs
  • Good stories, good voice
  • Has a touch of country party feeling Cons

  • The range of songs could be wider

Despite having some big songs with multi-million streams already, Beer’s Better Cold is really of Travis Denning. The Georgia-origin artist released the six song collection on 15th May 2020.


Travis Denning – About The Artist

Travis Denning was born on 1st December 1992 at Warner Robins, Georgia, Southeast of Atlanta. He really developed interest into music in his teenage year – thus, his first single release Ready For Tonight was comparably late, at the age of 19. He decided to move to Nashville in 2014, where he made is initial steps into the business as a songwriter. Songs he created were interpreted by Jason Aldean, Chase Rice and others. After some more promotion as a musical act as well and some tours as support acts, he signed his first record deal, which also lead to the 2018 single David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs in 2018, which made it to the mid-30’s of the country charts. His first big hit was After A Few, though, which he released in 2019 and made it to the Top 10 in the US Country, US Country Airplay and Canadian Country. It is part of Beer’s Better Cold, which is Denning’s debut EP.

Travis Denning – Beer’s Better Cold – Track by Track

The EP contains six tracks and lasts 18 minutes.

1. Where That Beer’s Been

I don’t know where that’ beer’s been, but I know where it’s going – okay, that sounds like a classic (male) country topic ;). The song rocks, has power and is just a good fun.

2. After A Few

But after a few drinks
It’s always the same thing
We find ourselves lost in conversation at the bar
Then after a few songs
The kind that you hold on
We find ourselves leaning up against my car
Shoulda stopped at one
Said goodbye, given up at two
If we didn’t wanna wind up falling into my bed like we always do
After a few
Oh, after a few

The song is a bit more melodic – but finally, this one is quite “explicit”, ain’t it? 🙂 Lovely song, which I could imagine to work well in German radio as well. Another good one – even though I can hardly imagine that girls need to put on their beer goggles for this guy.


Okay, here is a classic. Not the commercially most successful track by Travis Dennning, but at least over here, we just love it. Does it need more comments? I just don’t think so!

4. Tank Of Gas And A Radio Song

Was a tank of gas and a radio song
Dial to the right and sing along
One bench seat kiss, girl I was gone
Your hand up under my shirt
It still feels like it’s right there
Windshield hearts, midnight air
Any good thing, it don’t last long
Like a tank of gas and a radio song

Okay, this guy just has a better life than I do, I guess. Not too surprisingly. He looks better, sings better and writes better songs than me.

5. Beer’s Better Cold

The song is a bit slower again, but very intense, good melody, nice arrangement, great voice and also a good story told. Travis Denning just wants to go for the good ratings with this EP, I guess.

6. Sittin’ By A Fire

Only a really awful song could now prevent a top rating, after the sixth song. Of course, Denning delivers good again.After some one minute, I just thought, “Okay, you get the Top Pick! banner” and enjoy the rest of the song. High class!


Travis Denning – Beer’s Better Cold – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to Travis Denning’s album:


Travis Denning – Beer’s Better Cold – My View

Okay, I spoilered it already… This EP is a good one, no doubt – and it clearly deserves to be on the sunny side of reviews. Six great songs, good songwriting – the range of emotions and topics could be a bit wider, though… But hey, that is really complaining at a very high level already. Short message: buy it, stream it, enjoy it! Country Music Reviews

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