The Dip – Sticking With It

The Dip - Sticking With It



3.7/5 Pros

  • Very good instrumental skills.
  • Nice blend of different genres Cons

  • No outstanding track

Sticking With It is the third album by the Seattle band The Dip. I received the album as a promotion copy and already had a listen before the publication. You can listen to the songs from 4th March 2022 onward.


The Dip – About The Artist

The Dip is a band from Seattle. They consist of seven band members. The lead singer of The Dip is Tom Eddy (also guitar). Other members of the septet are Jarred Katz (drums), Brennan Carter (trumpet), Levi Gillis (tenor sax), Evan Smith (baritone sax), Mark Hunter (bass) and Jacob Lundgren (guitar). They are active since the early 2010’s. In 2015, they debuted with a self-titled album. Four years later, the band added The Dip Delivers to their portfolio of releases.


The Dip – Sticking With It – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Paddle To The Stars

The opener of the album is a very groove-heavy track. Nice R&B sound with a bit of an nostalgic touch. They might have loved that one in the late 1960’s – but it is still a nice sound some decades later.

2. Sleep On It

A bit more on the emotional side, Sleep On It is the second song of the album. The trumpet and the saxophones create the special touch of the song, not only during the solo part. Nice sound.

3. When You Lose Someone

The title of the third track already suggests that this might be another love song. The song comes with an almost stomping rhythm, the gentle voice of Tom Eddy is quite a contrast. The backing choir adds quite some spirit to the chorus.

4. Anyway

The less than three minutes Anyway is the most modern-feeling song of the album so far. Nice, slow melody line – overall, the song has a lovely, warm presence.

5. Vacation

As a travel blogger, how could I not love a song named Vacation? The song works with some rhythmic changes, but is overall a straight, a bit of kitsch soul pop song.

6. Real Contender

The sixth track Real Contender is already the third single release yet to be presented on the album. However, it is also the last one. Lovely work on the vocal side, which leads to a very gentle and nice melodic perception.

7. Crickets

Crickets starts with strong organ-alike sounds and thus almost feels like a surfer’s song. However, the song quickly moves towards it soul core. The song unfortunately majorly impresses me on the instrumental side.

8. Eye To Eye

Eye To Eye is a slow, very accentuated and thus very bluesy song. Some parts even give me a bit of a jazz touch. A very nice and intense listen.

9. Apollonia

To me, Apollonia is the song on Sticking With It, which is spreading the best happy spirit. A pop-alike, rather quick song with a nice rhythm.

10. Yellowfinger

Yellowfinger is an instrumental track, which has a strong jazz touch, but also connects to the R&B touch of other songs.

11. Forget About It

The album closes with its longest track. In fact, the very groovy soul song Forget About It is very repetitive, but leaves a good feeling to the listener. Good song.


The Dip – Sticking With It – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Dip – Sticking With It – My View

I would not rate Sticking With It as a superb release, but The Dip definitely to a versatile and entertaining job. Strong instrumental skills and very different melodies influences by multiple genres give you a good time. Very nice listen by the US-Americans.


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