Carly Pearce – 29 EP

Carly Pearce - 29



5.0/5 Pros

  • Very good songwriting
  • Honest, personal stories

Carly Pearce is one of my absolute favorite country music artists. No doubt that the Kentucky lady was on the top of my list when it came to reviewing the new releases of 19th February 2021. A lot had happened to Pearce since her self-titled album – the more it was interesting to listen into her new songs, the EP 29.


Carly Pearce – About The Artist

I gave you some bio information about Carly Cristinyne Slusser, aka as Carly Pearce in my review of her 2020 album Carly Pearce already. While the album especially featured her   Number 1 Country Airplay and Canadian charts song I Hope You’re Happy Now with Lee Brice, her key song in 2020 was likely Next Girl, in which she featured the breakup with her husband Michael Ray. The song is part of 29, which is her very first EP (after her debut album Every Little Thing in 2017 and Carly Pearce).


Carly Pearce – 29 – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Next Girl

Hey, next girl, you don’t know me
I’m just the one he says went crazy
On him, that’s just what he does
But once upon a time I was
The next girl, I been where you’re at
You overlook a lot when he looks like that
He’ll charm your momma with that smile
Hide the red flags for a little while

Starting the EP with Next Girl is a pretty solid choice. I love the way Carly is dealing with the breakup and addresses her thoughts to the Next Girl in his life. Lovely song with a unique perspective and storyline.

2. Should’ve Known Better

Should’ve Known Better is the latest single of the EP. I feel it is pretty straight Carly Pearce sound, which nicely connects to some Every Little Thing songs. Really love to listen to her.

3. 29

The title track is an amazing one. But to me 29 is the year I’ve got married and divorced
 or From a Miss to a Mrs and the other way around – just two lyrics excerpts which show you how deep and personal this song is. I’ve never met Carly Pearce in person, but I feel a certain urge to hug her now. Amazing one.

4. Liability

Especially the fluent groove of Liability, which is having a very catchy rhythm, makes this song a real special one. I am just too flashed by 29 to digest it.

5. Messy

Moving on is messy
And I ain’t always be clean break
And it’s okay whatever it takes
this days
This heartbreak isn’t sexy
And there ain’t no when it will
Going through hell to give yourself some grace
Moving on is messy.

29 is a like a chronology of a single year in Carly Pearce’s life – and Messy is another impressive way to deal with it musically.

6. Show Me Around

I bet you’re up there right now making plans and writing out
All your favorite places that you just can’t wait to take us
And we’ll get to spend forever talking ’bout whatever
When I get there, promise you’ll track me down
And show me around

Another very intimate song. The second single of the EP has a very simple setting and by that has a great focus on Carly’s voice and her story. I just enjoy to listen when I hear that voice.

7. Day One

The EP closes with Day One, which of course is another very personal retrospective. Day One closes the story of 29 – and you hope that the next ones will be better for Carly – she is almost now.


Carly Pearce – 29 – Spotify

Here is 29 on Spotify:


Carly Pearce – 29 – My View

To make it short: I fell in love with the music of Carly Pearce with her Every Little Thing songs, I loved listening to her Carly Pearce tracks. But despite it is “just” a collection of seven songs, I feel that 29 is the best longer play publication by her. Three chords and the truth – these songs are so straight from the heart, so relatable. Very good lyrics, good melodic backing and the unique Carly Pearce. Keep my fingers crossed for this lady that she never has to write an EP with 29 stories again – but many more lovely songs in the future. Love it!


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