Kezia Gill – Misfit

Kezia Gill - Misfit



4.0/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Good, but not outstanding writes
  • Very good listen

A new major release by the British Americana artist Kezia Gill. Six years after her debut album, Misfit is her sophomore long-play. I had a listen to the album after it has been released on 14th July 2023.


Kezia Gill – About The Artist

Even though Kezia Gill has been regarded being one of the key factors to boost the domestic country music market, the British artist covers a wider range of music. Born in Nottingham and having Irish descent, her songs also touch folk, traditional Irish music, blues and rock. Despite being active since the very late 2000’s already, her first major steps into the professional music industry was in 2017, when she released the album Kezia. Her 2019 single I’m here has lead to roughly 744k streams so far. In the same year, the British CMA Awards honored her as Best Female Artist. Kezia’s latest major release has been the 2021 EP The Mess I Made.


Kezia Gill – Misfit – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Misfit

The title track is opening Kezia Gill’s 2023 album. The song rather feels like a pop-rock track, the chorus is catchy and works great for singing-a-long. I am sure that this one is a great one for future Kezia Gill shows, e.g. the concerts she has in the United Kingdom in October.

2. Whiskey Over Ice

If you see Spotify streams as your metric of choice, Whiskey Over Ice has been the most successful single release of Misfit so far. The song has been listened to over 200k times. The song does not just come with a typical country music topic, but also features clear country music vibes. Very powerful, good song by the English artist.

3. Like I Did Before

There couldn’t be a major difference than the one between the energetic Whiskey Over Ice and the very emotional Like I Did Before. The very personal piano song comes with melancholic vibes. Kezia Gill is presenting one of her most intense listens of the album here.

4. Tonight

Tonight is rather slow country-pop track. After the intense listen before, if feels weaker. However, it is actually a nice write with a beautiful, gentle vocal performance.

5. House on the Hill

But I don’t miss the places where I dreamed that I would go
The place I miss the most is where you and I have built our home
A little piece of land, in this world that we’ve explored
A garden with a holly tree and our number on the door
No matter where I wander to my heart remains there still
With you in the house on the hill

If you look into the the number of streams for this song, the very straight and personal storytelling unfortunately did not pay off. Really nice one.

6. Smokey

Smokey is indeed a bit of smokey. The song is a dark, stomping rocker Kezia Gill masters this type of song easily as well. Love it!

7. Sweet Spot

If you tried to classify Sweet Spot to a genre, I would call it to be a blues rock song. However, there is also a quite some Americana spirit in this song. I really enjoy listening to these powerful songs by Gill.

8. No Idea

No Idea is a much easier listen, which is inspired by folk and pop elements. The song makes you move to its rhythm from the very first moment. A nice song and a fun listen, indeed.

9. Price Of Loving You

Kezia is back on piano in here and doing a lovely song about the Price Of Loving You in here. The atmosphere is catching you and makes you listen this sad love and farewell song.

10. Dear Me

Kezia Gill closes the album with this very personal message to herself. The acoustic guitar, strings and the piano create a very warm atmosphere. A nice way to remember the spirit of this album.


Kezia Gill – Misfit – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify


Kezia Gill – Misfit – My View

I like that Kezia Gill is presenting a wide range of songs on Misfit. Rocking songs as well as gentle moments – the Nottingham artist is able to do both in style. The album works nicely as a whole, even though there are not too many outstanding highlights in regards of the individual songs. Thus, Misfit is a good listen – but I would love her to be even better.


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