Buckcherry – Hellbound

Buckcherry - Hellbound



4.4/5 Pros

  • Rock music made to have fun!
  • Very nice vocal and instrumental performance

Cool hard rock with Californian roots: via promotion agencies, I ran into Hellbound by the band Buckcherry. The band is already active since the mid-1990’s – their latest album will be released on 25th June 2021.

Buckcherry – About The Artists

Buckcherry are a rock band which have been formed in Anaheim in 1995. They have been active since then – apart from a short hiatus between 2002 and 2005. The original band lineup was Josh Todd (vocals), Keith Nelson (guitar), Jonathan Brightman (bass) and Devon Glenn (drums). Todd is the only artist still being part of the band. Stevie D. (guitar) joined Buckcherry in 2005, they nowadays are five members including Kelly LeMieux (bass), Francis Ruiz (drums) and Billy Rowe (lead guitar). In 1999, Buckcherry started to release music – and their debut single Lit Up, which topped the US Mainstream and Canadian Rock charts, boosted their self-titled debut album as well. It has been the only time a Buckcherry single topped a notable chart, but in the 2000’s, they had several well-selling songs, like the US double platinum Crazy Bitch (2006) or US and Canadian platinum Sorry (2007).

This also lead to good sales on the album side. 15 is likely their most successful album, as it became platinum in the US and Canada after its 2006 release. Buckcherry regularly released music, their latest album has been Warpaint in 2019.


Buckcherry – Hellbound – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. 54321

A countdown to start an album is actually not a bad idea, ain’t it? And while the first second of the song really have a touch of a rocket launch, Buckcherry don’t hesitate too long and burn the fire. A song which is a lot of fun. It cheers you up from the very beginning of listening to Hellbound – and I am sure it is even better when these guys rock you live on stage.

2. So Hott

You’re so hot, I think I need another shot
But you don’t care you’re so hot
You got em circling your block
Don’t ever stop you’re
So hot!

Okay, this one might not be too deep in lyrics. But it is fun, it is easy hard rock which you can easily relate to. Rock party sound from California.

3. Hellbound

Josh Todd is driving the band to the limits. I just have to listen when he and his rock brothers are going for the guitar riff party. Feels just perfect to sing-along – and comes with a nice, nostalgic touch. Good one.

4. Gun

With the harmonica sounds and a nice groove, Gun feels like a Southern rock track. The rhythm of the song is magical. Cool sound.

5. No More Lies

Also the fifth track, No More Lies, is not that much of a hard rocker – but this time the song rather touches the groove of a blues track rather than the country / folk touch of Southern rock songs. The chorus is finally presented on a massive bunch of chords, almost a bit of plushy.

6. Here I Come

Okay, the last two ones have been some sort of break. Relaxing is done for now – from the very first second, Stevie D. is hammering the rhythmic licks into his guitar strings. The sound of Here I Come feels wicked – just like an early 1980’s rock music club in L.A. – I just cannot stop thinking about my favorite musical Rock of Ages while listening to these guys.

7. Junk

If you like classic rock, then this one is right in your comfort zone. Again, the composition is on point and made to spread fun and party to the listener. Cool track.

8. Wasting No More Time

Wasting No More Time comes with a very nice groove and thus reminds me a bit of Gun. The song is simply an unfuzzy and straight rock track. Nice!

9. The Way

Though I love rock and hard rock, I still somehow feel that rockers are best when they do ballads. The Way is the showcase for this kind of music in the Hellbound. Good power ballad – but this time I go with the US-Americans rather for party rock sound!

10. Barricade

The closing track is a bit of a surprise to me. The band almost sound like an alternative rock band in Barricade. Not a bad song, but just a very different touch to their music. The chorus very catchy again.


Buckcherry – Hellbound – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Buckcherry – Hellbound – My View

Hellbound is definitely a lot of fun. The guitars are driving the powerful sound of Buckcherry, Josh Todd is an excellent presented of this somehow nostalgic sound. Francis Ruiz is a really solid guy on the drums. The result: a lot of fun. I love Buckcherry’s 2021 sound.


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