Charlie Worsham – Sugarcane EP

Charlie Worsham - Sugarcane



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very personal style
  • Six good songs with a nice variety

New music by Charlie Worsham: four years after his last album, the US country artist is releasing six songs on his first-ever EP, Sugarcane. The publication date has been 16th July 2021.


Charlie Worsham – About The Artist

Charlie Worsham was born on 1st September 1985 in Grenada, Mississippi. He already got a lot of reputation for his musical talent during high school. A first band project, KingBilly, had some local success, but finally did not make the breakthrough. Worsham then grew popularity as a solo artist, supported Taylor Swift on her 2011 tour and finally made it to the US Country Airplay Top 15 with his debut single Could It Be in 2013. The corresponding album, Rubberband, climbed up to the twelfth spot in the US Country Charts the same year. The only song with some commercial success was his second single, Want Me Too. Warsham’s second album, Beginning of Things, could not place in the charts after its release in 2017.


Charlie Worsham – Sugarcane – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 25 minutes.

1. Sugarcane

The EP starts with the title track. A slow, dreaming song with summer feeling and a nice vibe. Could be a nice a soundtrack for a summer evening with some friends, really nice song.

2. For the Love

While the opener of the EP war rather slow and gentle, Charlie Worsham welcomes the listener of For the Love with some powerful guitar chords. Nice rock’n’roll track, country song – even though the the song cannot keep up with its hot start

3.Half Drunk

Half Drunk opens the series of three tracks which have already been released before this six-pack of songs. This third track starts a bit slow and almost a bit too plain, but especially the chorus turns this track to a really nice listen.

4. Fist Through This Town

Charlie Worsham is definitely doing his own thing on the Sugarcane EP. One hint for that: no song on this EP is shorter than 3:45 minute – his songs definitely already exceed the duration of Nashville mainstream sounds. First Through This Town is the epic highlight in this regard: the song is 4:50 minutes. A lovely track with great story telling.

5. Believe in Love

Believe in Love is a lovely follow track to First Through This Town. This shortest song of the EP (3:47 minutes) is a very personal, emotional love song. Fascinating listen.

6. Hang On to That

The final song of the EP is a very rhythmic one. Not very fast, but a good listen, which is rather making me sway than move my feet.


Charlie Worsham – Sugarcane – Spotify

Here is Sugarcane on Spotify:


Charlie Worsham – Sugarcane – My View

Sugarcane comes with some really lovely tracks. I love how Charlie Worsham is telling his story in a very personal, individual way. Definitely a good compilation of songs – keep my fingers crossed that the EP will be successful. He would definitely deserve it.


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