The Avett Brothers – The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers - The Avett Brothers



3.9/5 Pros

  • Beautiful melodies
  • Ineteresting and versatile blending of different genres Cons

  • Some songs are a bit too mousy

With their eleventh studio album, The Avett Brothers do a self-titled one. The Avett Brothers has been released on 17th May 2024. I had a listen.


The Avett Brothers – About The Artists

The Avett Brothers are influenced by folk, rock and bluegrass. The US-American band has been founded in 2000 in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. The band name is coming from two band members, Seth and Scott Avett, who are both vocalists. Like the other two band members, Bob Crawfod and Joe Kwon, they are also multi-instrumentalists. On tour, they typically use additional band members like drummer Mike Marsh. The breakthrough of the band was likely their sixth studio album, I and Love You, released in 2009. The album peaked 16th in the US overall charts. Since then, the band had three albums placing in the Top 5 of the US overall album charts. However, the most recent release, the 2019 Closer Than Together, “just” made it 28th there. It still peaked fourth in the US Rock and second in the US Folk Charts.


The Avett Brothers – The Avett Brothers – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Never Apart

Am I right in here? The opener Never Apart starts with strings and choir-alike vocals. This leads to an atmospheric beginning of the The Avett Brothers album, but also feels rather confusing. After some 1:45 minutes, the song turns into fine folk-alike melody. Still, the song has a harmonic feeling. A very smooth and gentle first step into the sound of the band in 2024.

2. Love of a Girl

It is hard to believe that Love of a Girl is on the same album as Never Apart. The song rather feels like a grungy alternative rocker. Only the melodic chorus draws a very weak link between the songs. That does not mean at all that I don’t like this song. Listening to it is a real treat.

3. Cheap Coffee

With 5:23 minutes, the opening track was already kind of epic. Cheap Coffee tops it by more than 1:40 minutes. The third track of The Avett Brothers mixes folk and progressive rock elements. The lovely storytelling is a treat and is finally the basis that these seven minutes don’t become boring at all.

4. Forever Now

The fourth song is another feature single of the album. Again, The Avett Brothers present a fine melody with a beautiful flow, which leans towards folk music. The wide instrumentation of the song leads to a very impressing sound.

5. Country Kid

And now, there is country music. The title Country Kid already suggests that this song is a piece of the genre, which made Nashville famous. Especially in the second part of the song, you feel some other influences, but overall, this song is made to make country music listeners smile. Again, the wide range of instruments leads to a lovely listen.

6. Orion’s Belt

Orion’s Belt goes back to rock music vibes, but not just the very present fiddle is still giving an Americana touch. Over time, the guitars feel to take over more and more control of the song. If you ever felt that Tom Petty is a bit too slow, you might fall in love with this one.

7. 2020 Regret

The album has already touched so many styles and genres, but a ballad is definitely still missing. 2020 Regret is filling this gap in a lovely manner. The key instruments are the piano and strings. They feel to be the natural it for this faded love song.

8. Same Broken Bones

The eighth song is another rather slow song. However, the mood of Same Broken Bones is rather melancholic, so that the song does not work out too well as a soundtrack for romance. The fine folk melody does fascinate, though.

9. We Are Loved

The slow folk song We Are Loved reminds of the songs at the beginning of the album. However, the sad touch of Same Broken Bones seems to continue in here. Thus, the last tunes of the album are rather emotional.


The Avett Brothers – The Avett Brothers – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Avett Brothers – The Avett Brothers – My View

Folk, country, rock, happy vibes, sad songs – The Avett Brothers got it all. The songs are individual really nice picks. Here and there, they could be a bit more outstanding, a bit more spicy. Some songs have a really nice and strong character, though.

Favorite Song: Country Kid


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