Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming

Manntra - Monster Mind Consuming



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining album with different songs
  • Nice instrumental range of songs
  • Nice fusion of folk, rock and metal

Croatian folkrock with a metal touch? Sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? And, indeed, when I scanned one of the music promotion networks I have access to, I just had to give the band Manntra and their new album Monster Mind Consuming a listen. The album has been released on 26th March 2021.


Manntra – About The Artists

Manntra is a rock band from Umag, Croatia. They are a follow-up project of the metal band Omega Lithium. Manntra has been formed in 2011 by Marko Matjevic Sekul and Zoltan Lecei, who left the band in 2016. Currently, Sekul (vocals, guitar, keyboard) is joined by Andrea Kerl (drums), Marko “Pure” Purisic (guitar), Boris Kolaric (guitar, bagpipes, mandolin) and Maja Kolaric (bass). The band mixes rock with folk and metal elements. Monster Mind Consuming is the second album of the band in English. Overall, the band has released four albums so far: Horizont (2012), Venera (2015), Meridian (2017) and Oyka! (2019). Their most well-known song is likely In The Shadows, with which they competed in the Croatian contest to determine the national Eurovision Song Contest representative.


Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Invocation

The Invocation of Monster Mind Consuming is just an intro, which directly connects to the first song, Heathens.

2. Heathens

It takes some two minutes of the album in total (including the intro) until you finally listen to lyrics (apart from the lei-lei you already got in the intro). The guitars give a powerful sound and the different sections with different volume and power lead to very versatile sound. The lei-lei is contuing through the whole song. Interesting element and cool song.

3. Ori Ori

Yeah, the lei-lei is still there – the song Ori Ori however feels much darker than its predecessor. Stomping drums, heavy background choir-alike vocals. The mandolin sound is very cool as well and gives an overall touch of folk metal to this one.

4. Slave

The album now comes with an more threatening feeling. The song feels very impressive as well. Enjoy to listen to it, for sure.

Serve me just like a slave
You’ll be my prey
I’ll never let go
Hunting only at night
I’ll eat you alive
Remember the light.

5. Voices of the Sea

Voices of the sea
Calling out for me
Buried in my heart
Calling out for me
Voices of the sea
Tearing me apart.

This section of the album has majorly been already published before the album release. If you need a reason to understand what is special about Manntra, this one is a good option to listen to. Powerful hard rock-metal sounds, nice stories, but still with clear vocals and a good sing-a-long potential. These guys just stay in your ear. The composition of their musical crafts (this time even with flute sounds) lead to a very good listening experience.

6. Barren King

Songs of the ancient bards
Claimed to have some discards
Sailors of the solemn seas
Claimed the halo from his feet.

Cast off for the Barren King! Is there something like sailor metal or sailor rock? This one could have been recorded a shabby harbor shebeen, close to the sea, full of drunken sailors – with electric guitars and long hair. I see them headbanging. And I want to sing along – this one is really good and catchy.

7. Monster Mind Consuming

After this folk-ish sailor reference, the title track of the album mixes electric elements with metal sounds. The powerful Manntra-shouting vocals almost make you feel being in one dirty Rammstein tune. Cool.

8. I Want to Eat You

The title almost sounds promising – could be a verse from a Lordi album 🙂 While the verse feels a bit of dirty and dangerous, the chorus almost leads to a happy feeling.

I want to eat you
Feel free to feel ecstatic
Climb down that tree
And let us be.
I want to bleed you
No, don’t be so dramatic
Climb down that tree
And set me free

You may use at as a statement of bad taste – but this one really makes me smile. Good appetite!

9. In Your Eyes

After this dining experience, In Your Eyes is another dark song with a very catchy chorus. Really enjoy listening to this one again.

10. Let’s Invite the Storm

Let’s Invite the Storm lives from a really cool duet of Marko Sekul and Maja Kolaric. The song comes with a strong folk touch.

11. Lipa

Lipa is the longest song on the album. As I do not the lyrics, I strongly guess for Croatian lyrics. The song is again very melodic, nice closing of the album.


Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming – Spotify

Here is your gateway to listen to Manntra:


Manntra – Monster Mind Consuming – My View

This musical trip to Croatia was indeed a fun one. Manntra do a great sound with their Monster Mind Consuming. No matter if you rather enjoy folk rock or metal, these guys will give you some good tunes to enjoy. Absolutely worth listening to.


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