Bianca James – Bianca James

Bianca James - Bianca James



4.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely voice
  • Very characteristic sound
  • Nice range of tracks Cons

  • Album too short

A self-titled debut album by an interesting Canadian artist – in preparation of my 4th August 2023 album reviews, I ran into Bianca James and her debut set of songs. I felt it is a nice share with you – hope you enjoy my thoughts.


Bianca James – About The Artist

Bianca James is a Canadian artist. Her father has an Italian and her Mother a British descent. Already in early years, she loved the 1960’s lifestyle with swinging rock’n’roll. Her press bio information states what she dreamed of living in London and traveling to Italy and Southern France during that time. James started to release music in April 2023, when she published Monaco. In order to fund the production, she even had to sell her car.


Bianca James – Bianca James – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 29 minutes,

1. Black & Blue

Bianca James’ debut opens with two single releases. The first song, Black & Blue, opens like a very modern pop track, but then also develops some cool, more traditional vibes. A very nice listen with a cool groove and summer vibes.

2. Monaco

The 1960’s, Southern France or Italy, transported into the 2020’s – that’s the vibe of Monaco. It is a really cool song, which feels like a rather modern pop song as well as having some rockabilly spirit. Absolutely nice.

3. Bang Bang Baby

Songs like Bang Bang Baby add some touch of surfer pop to the album, especially in the stanzas. The chorus sounds cool, and even rather has a flavor of soul. Great one.

4. Till I Remember

While the first three songs were rather rhythmic pop songs, which made you dance and smile, Bianca James underlines the emotional side of her music as well. A beautiful love song, absolutely lovely listen.

5. Inside Out

The rhythm of Inside Out reminds me of Christmas pop songs. Luckily, there are no jingle bells – I recently already had a review of the holiday album Joy! by Justine Blazer. These vibes are a bit too early for me… But overall, I really enjoy listening to the song.

6. Last Words

The sixth song is again a rather modern one. The song comes with a lovely groove and overall presents another different flavor or Bianca James’ music.

7. Made To Love

The seventh song is full of emotions and has a lovely flow. A rather slow track, which beautifully stays in your mind. Could be a James Bond song, couldn’t it?

8. Bang Bang Baby (Jack Emblem Remix)

The eighth song feels like a bonus track, as it is another version of Bang Bang Baby. I feel that this Jack Emblem Remix is a bit finer, more fragile, but also feels more sleazy here and there. I am typically not that much of a remix person, but this one is really nice.


Bianca James – Bianca James – Spotify

Here is Bianca James’ debut album on Spotify:


Bianca James – Bianca James – My View

Bianca James defines her music in a magical way on her debut album. I really love to listen to this voice, her stories and also the different kinds of melodies and atmosphere Bianca James is going through. Unfortunately the seven songs (plus a remix) are a bit short to call it an album.

Favorite Song: Monaco


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