Songs Of The Week (week of 31st May 2024)

This week, I am in Munich, watching a couple of Rock of Ages shows. The week is more busy and demanding than I actually expected. My backlog of posts is rather short, but I just manage to create and maintain the content I actually need for keeping the website running. No need to complain, I am having a good time. I hope you are having a good time listening to these new releases. I feel it is a really great set of music.


LOI – The Way I Want It

German artist LOI is becoming more and more present on Her song Am I Enough already lead my Songs of the Week in the 17th November 2023 edition and I loved her Cologne concert a few weeks before that. This week, she released The Way I Want It, a beautiful song with some strong summer vibes. And she is on the top of my list again. A great artist!


Molly Sanden – Slutet av Sommarn

The second song in my release radar this week is from Sweden. Molly Sanden, the female voice behind the amazing song Husavik (which I featured in my Favorite Songs 2023 post), is releasing a new single. Great pop track – the song title translates to End of Summer. Molly is on tour this year – unfortunately in Sweden only.


KTSN 21 feat. Kira – Fight

KTSN 21 is a synth pop project from Hamburg. The key people behind the project are Sven Neben and Thomas Kleeblatt, who is also the singer. For this song, the added the female voice Kira. The song strongly reminds of Modern Talking and similar 1980’s acts. I love that style.


Rita Ora – Ask & You Shall Receive

Rita Ora is one of the big names in my this week’s post. The British artist with Kosovan-Albanian roots released Ask & You Shall Receive this Friday. A typical modern pop track with nice vibes.


Eminem – Houdini

Rap and hip hop are typically not that much represented in here. However, I just cannot deny that this Eminem song has a nice touch. The US-American rapper is sampling the 1982 song  Abacadabra by Steve Miller Band in his new release, which is also the leading single for his new album The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace).


Charly Bliss – Calling You Out

Another US-American act this week is Charly Bliss. The power-pop band from Brooklyn is active since 2011. Calling You Out is a single of the album Forever, which will be released on 16th August 2024.


NESS – Immer Da

NESS is opening the block of German language song. The young Austrian musician released the very nice modern pop track Immer Da this week. She will be touring towards the end of the year. Some of the shows are already sold out or have been upgraded to larger venues.


Oli.P – Alles wird leichter

Oliver Petszikat alias Oli.P became popular as an actor in a famous German daily soap, in which he also started performing songs. While this lead to a couple of very successful single and album releases in the very late 1990’s, the following two decades did not come with too many high chart placements for him. However, his last album, the 2023 Hey Freiheit – Das Album made it to the fourth spot in the German charts. Songs like his new one, Alles wird leichter, underline that this is absolutely deserved.


Alligatoah – Der Hugenottenfriedhof

After Eminem, German rapper and singer Alligatoah is another artist, which typically has a tougher time of getting into my release radar.However, his new single covering famous former GDR artist Wolf Biermann is an absolute blast and shows a very different side of the rapper. I love it.


Markus Wutte feat. Nadiia Suprun – Never Give up!

Never give up! is a collaboration of Austrian singer and guitarist Markus Wutte and Ukranian writer Nadiia Suprun. The result of this collaboration, which started at a songwriting bootcamp, is this energetic listen.


Paula Dalla Corte – Heavy Heart

Paula Dalla Corte is taking her next steps in the music business world. Heavy Heart is a single from her upcoming debut EP Fashion, which will be released in three weeks. The Swiss artist became famous when she won the 2020 edition of The Voice of Germany. Very intense song.


BENN – Square One

BENN is a Swedish-Finnish artist, who is just about to release his debut album How Loving Makes You Feel. A nice, catching uptempo song in the alt-pop/alt-rock sphere.


Smash Into Pieces feat. Liamoo – Flame

The Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces is collaborating with their countryman Liamoo for this new single release. Flame is a truly energetic song.


A Day To Remember – Feedback

There are a couple of really cool rock songs this week. Feedback is the new release by the US-American post-hardcore band A Day To Remember. A song for the harder music listeners.


Lansdowne – Oxygen

The closing song is another metal track by a US-American band. Lansdowne from Boston are already active since 2006 and grew a large fan base since then. Their new song Oxygen illustrates the energy and power of the quintet.



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